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Senators Who Rejected Human-Caused Climate Change Received 7 Times as Much Money from Oil and Gas Interests

Twelve senators received more than $300K - all voted 'NO' on the amendment.

How did your legislator vote and how much money did s/he receive from from oil and gas interests? A full list can be found here:
David Merrett/Wikimedia Commons December 2, 2015 -- As the climate summit in Paris progresses, revisit the January 21, 2015 vote in which Senators voting on Keystone XL did not pass an amendment expressing the sense of Congress that "human activity significantly contributes to climate change." On average, how much money did oil and gas interest groups give to senators who voted for and against the amendment?
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Transparency in CA just got a little easier thanks the Secretary of State Alex Padilla and his top notch staff!

Fav quote from John Diaz at SF Chron:

"Its performance has gone from that of a VW Bug to a Tesla. Maplight did it with open-source software, making it available to all. To his credit, Secretary of State Alex Padilla has adopted the system, and it went live Thursday." 
There is no disagreement on that point, not when the median sales price is $1.1 million (a 19.4 percent increase from a year ago) and the median rent on a one-bedroom unit is $3,460. “It’s the No. 1 issue in every poll,” said Gabriel Metcalf, president and CEO of SPUR, the city’s go-to source for research and analysis on public policy. In an otherwise sleepy election for a politically hyperactive city — incumbents in three citywide offices are ...
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