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Looking for something to read this weekend? Or in the future? Or you just feel like filling your Kindle up with downloads?

Check out my novel! FREE! 

I noticed I was getting little cuts all over my hands. Since it's not especially cold and dry out (when my hands usually crack), I couldn't figure out what was going on.

Then today I took the drum cage out of the coffee roaster and it immediately cut me. 

I said, "Oh."

Thank you +Jennifer Duarte and +Matias Duarte for a fabulous evening last night! You certainly do know how to put on a family gathering!

Has removed her first person from a circle. And she feels fine. (Like, who knew Google+ got that much action, am I right?)

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Look, I'm sharing something! For my coffee lover friends, for my friends in LA, and if there's an intersection of the two:,0,5525735.htmlstory

So now I have more places to check to find out what's going on with friends...
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