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If you are a Green Living Blogger/Influencer, Wellness Blogger/Influencer, Mom Blogger/Influencer, Natural Living - Toxin-Free Living Blogger/Influencer - I have an INCREDIBLE income producing, affiliate-like opportunity (think $50+/referral) that could bless you!

Serious U.S. inquiries only.

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Since I started in August 2016, my team has grown from 1 (my little ol' self) to NINETY ONE!!! 91 people have said YES to starting a toxin-free lifestyle. I'd love to see that number hit 100 by month end to celebrate 12 months on this journey.

πŸ‘‰πŸΌπŸ‘‰πŸΌThe next 9 people that use my link will receive a FREE 15mL bottle of Orange for joining us along with their welcome kit packed with goodness to get started on your journey. 🍊🍊

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Want to live a life with less toxins?
Want to connect with other moms that want to learn the same things?
Feel overwhelmed with all there is to learn?

Check out our BRAND NEW Group about Toxin-Free living giving you a ton of information throughout the week in bite-sized information!

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Happy Monday!

The Premium Starter kit, by itself, retails for over $360+. Add in the 15mL of Tangerine from Young Living and the Diffuser from me, it increases to $440+ retail that you are getting for $160 (+tax & shipping). That's an INCREDIBLE deal and its only good through TODAY!

Mondays are an excellent day to start something new. I have a few still up for grabs and I would love to journey with you in this lifestyle of essential oils and natural wellness. It's not a magic bullet, it's a lifestyle and it's a life changing one.

This promo? It's not to build a team like wildfire, it's to provide an item to your new lifestyle to make it even better and easier.

Its not because I need to run a promo because the starter kit isn't valuable by itself. It's an incredible deal alone. I paid full retail and I would do it again in a moment. I only VERY occasionally run a promo like this because I don't ever want to discredit the value of the kits. I do it for those of you that just need that little extra to say YES to the lifestyle you've been thinking about time and time again.

It's not to have some crazy income influx. In fact, it's costly for me to run it.

It's for YOU. That's what YLEOs have been for me - teaching, leading and building a community of people that are looking for simple, pure wellness in their lifestyle & families to live their best lives. It would be an honor for you to join alongside us!
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I'm looking for THREE (3) people to join me on this journey of natural wellness and toxin free living. If you are eager to learn and love natural wellness, I'm looking for YOU.

In May I'll be having a small business builder boot camp where I'm going to give you the tools to SOAR in essential oils, business and team building.

Join me on this journey this week!!! Bootcamp starts MAY 1!

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Feeling the chaos of running a business (or being a business woman, in general) and being a mom? +Rebecca Mogg just launched an incredible course that will help you rock motherhood and business.

Through tonight it's 10% off. Don't miss out on this opportunity.

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If you are curious about essential oils - what they are, the history of them (they aren't a weird fad, friends!!), the quality types and grades, the FDA regulations, the difference about EOs in the store and most retail places, distillation processes and more - check out my Essential Oils Class!

I just recorded my most recent class and I'm so excited for you to hear it. Send me a message and I'll get you the link!

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If you are feeling stuck in weight loss or need something to help you shed the pounds and feel more like yourself in a healthy way, I would love to encourage you to join the Young Living 60 Day Slique Challenge.

This starter kit is LIMITED EDITION for this 60 Day Challenge. There is a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on this so you literally have nothing to lose but weight.

I shared a video of a team member who joined in on round one via our FB page:

If you are ready to do this and take the plunge....
Visit: and clicks "member" and then "speciality starter kits" to select this kit!!

Join me on this journey!

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Essential Oils aren't all made the same. I learned that through experience and a year of research before I landed with Young Living. Their quality is truly unmatched and they have been incredible to our family's health and wellbeing!!

This is the LAST CALL for this promotion. You get 24% wholesale discount, you never have to purchase again unless you want to, have access to community and more. I'll journey alongside you to answer any questions you have when using them.

If you want a business, that's an option to.

Join me.
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So Excited for @freshlypicked 24 hour anniversary #sale starting tomorrow at 10MST!!
Select styles will be $45!

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