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Adairsville, GA #22
I went to Adairsville and all I got is a sweatshirt. No, just kidding but this was the only thing that I could find with the city name of it. Adairsville, GA  Pop: 4,648 County: Bartow, 30103

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Cassville, GA #21
Cassville, GA Pop: 5,000 County: Bartow, 30123 A great stop along the way up the Old Dixie Hwy Yard Sale, June 2013.

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Emerson, GA #20
Emerson, Ga Pop: 1,470 County: Bartow, 30137 I traveled to Emerson during the 2013 Old Dixie Hwy Yard Sale in June. Good times, Great bargains and Amazing family time. 

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The Habit of Starting
I began!  You might ask, began what?  I began my future and my present. I acted instead of thinking. I made plans & commitments. They are small and fluid BUT I began. I read The Habit of Starting of Starting from Leo Babauta and it got me going. I had alrea...

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Promise #1 - Less T.V.
In my attempt to BE better I've decided to cut my t.v. time down. I've been throwing around the idea of downsizing cable and watching t.v. less. but if I do then I would have to do something. So all week I been wondering what small step could I take to star...

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Grateful Day #2
You ever have one of "those" days? You know the day. The day when you wake up to NO heat in your house a week before Christmas or the one where your car doesn't want to stay on and cuts off on you in the middle of the road on a Monday morning on your way to...

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Grateful Day #1
Okay, so today I'm grateful that I checked off the top 5 things on my to-do list, I started to catch & stop myself from thinking negatively and I've decided to finally set my goals and achieve. Writing this post of a small step in the process but now that I...

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Hello November #9
My favorite Quote: The obstacle is the path - A Zen proverb To me this resonates because that which is harming me, holding me back and/or stunting my growth is what I need to "deal" with in order to continue on my journey in this life. A person shouldn't ru...

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Hello November Day #8
Ok, so I was looking around the internet for a 30 day blog challenge and stumbled onto this one from Kristazzi This is just what I was looking for so I'm going to dive right in: Day 8, Worst Habits 1) Procrastination 2) Laziness 3) Pessimism 4) Glass Half E...
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