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Peggy Moran
Dog Behavior Training in Chicago and Suburbs
Dog Behavior Training in Chicago and Suburbs

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Crossover Dog Trainer
I am a late bloomer in certain areas, despite sometimes getting an early initial start. One of these areas pertains to dog training methodologies. A brief history, before I launch into my actual point: I began training dogs (well, a dog; mine) when I was ni...

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Animalia Journal: Anthrozoology and Anthropomorphic Poetic Expression
Anthrozoology and Anthropomorphic Poetic Expression Peggy Moran October 11, 2015  by  animaliajournal Leave a comment Keywords: Anthropomorphism, Liminality, Poetry, Appropriation, Animal-Others Talking about animals is always an act of appropriation. Expre...

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#SPARCS2015, Phoenix, Arizona: YES!!! (And also some academics-related musings)
Okay, firstly, I'm bragging a bit, but feel I must: I WON FREE ADMISSION to the SPARCS 2015 Conference ! All of my canine cognition and anthrozoology heroes will be there; or at least a lot of them. Many are people I wrote to, asking them to be my home-scho...

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Peggy Moran commented on a post on Blogger.
I'm back, restating my case for why the world will be a better place if I am chosen to receive one of the coveted #SPARCS2015 tickets. I have been ruminating on dog research ideas for nearly 40 years; I went back to school and earned an undergraduate degree in anthrozoology when I was 53. I begin masters studies this fall, at the age of 55. I have ideas that are best shaped through accessing existing research in this field, and once I'm able to coherently present them, I'll come back and share my own research with SPARCS! I need SPARCS to help light my fire!

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Improve Your Dog's Manners at the Door!
So, with the flu in full-bloom, and classes shut down as a precautionary measure, I'm sure my dog students (and their humans!) could use some training inspiration. I know you have all worked on some of this, but here is an entire, blow-by-blow, breakdown of...

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Avoid the Dreaded Dog Flu! I Offer In-Home Dog Training in Chicago and Suburbs:

Chicago area dog owners, keep your dog happy, healthy and busy with private training in the safety of your own home. Peggy Moran teaches you to train your dog using reward-based, positive reinforcement methods. No force, no fear; just good fun while gaining better obedience and manners.

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Rethinking Dog Research
In the not so distant past, people who focused upon domestic
dogs as their favorite subject for academic research were viewed by the overarching
animal behavior community as crazy dog lovers who were barking up the wrong
tree.  Okay, that is an exaggeration...

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Going forward, and more about saying goodbye...sort of.
As most everyone knows, I have moved to our new home in lovely Manteno, Illinois: Here, surrounded by family, nature, and my many animal friends, I am working hard to establish the latest aspect of my long career, training service dogs for wounded United St...

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Saying Goodbye is Never Easy...
But the time has sadly come: Goodbye, Air Buddie. You were wonderful and made everyone who knew you happy!
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