<< Limitations on Galaxy S3, S4 and Note 3 (Snapdragon Quad core model) >>
- Music Visualizer doesn't work on MP3/AAC playback

[Workaround 1 (RECOMMENDED)]
- Use Poweramp, Winamp, Rocket Player Premium or PlayerPro + DSP pack

[Workaround 2]
- Enable workaround option;  Avoid "Tunnel player" (but it's not perfect, sometimes it fails)
NOTE: Phone reboot may be required to apply Avoid "Tunnel player" option 

[Workaround 3]
- Don't use MP3/AAC format, use OGG format…

[Workaround 4 (root required)]
- Put "tunnel.decode = false" in build.prop file

[Technical infos.]
- GS4 uses hardware acceleration mechanism for MP3/AAC playback called "Tunnel player"
 (related post: "What's the 'Tunnel player'? " https://plus.google.com/110898804228810455198/posts/D574xBu2gyi)
- Visualization does not work on the new Galaxy devices
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