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IT Professional
Elevating slacking to an art form.
I'm really terrible at describing myself, and being a relative newcomer to this social media thingummy on teh t00bz, I'm really kind of at a loss for what to put here. There is a sort of obligation that I feel though, that I must at least make a reasonable attempt to lightly stroke the eyeballs of passersby with a pinch of flavor text, so I'll give it a go. Like my tagline says, I pride myself on being a consummate slacker and am determined to not take life nearly as seriously as other people tell me I should. My avatar is a werewolf because I think they're teh awesomesauce. Those who know me well would say I'm prone to fits of extreme geekiness and won't hesitate to follow a wild tangent into some pretty bizarre territory. I try to find the humor in nearly every situation, often leading to equally strange, yet still inexplicably fascinating (and sometimes groan-inducing), destinations. In my travels I've seldom if ever met a calorie I didn't like. As a gaming enthusiast I spend my free time engaging in my favorite hobby and immersing myself in that culture. Life is already dreadfully short, so if you can't have a little fun along the way, what's the point?
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