Jeremy Clarkson Comments on the One Show

I don't usually pass comment on the utterings of so-called celebs, but Mr Jeremy Clarkson has pushed me into it.

Yesterday I got Forza 4 from boomerang for the Xbox and immediately felt uneasy with the game because of a considerable Top Gear tie in (thought the beeb or employees weren't allowed to rake in money from program affiliations that the UK taxpayer funded?).

I stopped watching Top Gear at the beginning of the year as I found their comments and attitudes had just gone over my tolerance threshold for what's fair and decent.

I missed the One Show last night (thankfully), but saw an article about the BBC having to apologise for his comments on the show. I'm not going to repeat those comments as they have been widely quoted in the media, but suffice to say I find them extremely abhorrent.

My wife was on strike yesterday and for a very valid reason. The UK Government is up the creek with public sector pensions and expect their employees to foot the bill.
She has already endured a 3 year pay freeze and now has the prospect of a further 2 years with 1% increase and a substantial increase in pension contributions. i.e. a large pay cut.

Surprise, surprise the Government is trying to vilify the workers in order to deflect any meaningful questions about their stewardship of their employees money that is supposed to be invested in order to make a return capable of paying the required pensions.

I totally agree that "Final Salary" type pensions are unsustainable in the present economic conditions but you cannot suddenly move the goalposts for people who have been employed and worked for years believing they had a "good" pension to look forward to at the end of their working life.

Remember, that we are talking about public sector workers who in the course of their day deal with some unbelievable amounts of abuse from people they are trying to help.

Anyway, to conclude, I'd love to see the PM or Clarkson do any public sector job for a day and see how they got on. It's very easy to criticise when you earn substantial amounts of money and are guaranteed a huge pension, not so easy when you're on the front line!
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