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How to use git bisect to fix screw ups

I know a LOT of developers who have never heard of this command but it is a real life saver at times.

git bisect allows you find out which commit broke something, assuming you have a commit that you know didn't have the issue. Process is extremely simple, as follows:

1. git bisect start
This starts the bisect process.

2. git bisect bad
Marks the current commit as bad (has the issue).

3. git bisect good <commit_hash>
Marks the specified revision as good (does not have the issue).

4. Build and test. If the issue exists, run git bisect bad; if it doesn't, run git bisect good.

5. Repeat step 4 until it tells you which commit is bad. Once you know that, you can run git bisect reset and either fix or revert it.

This process works for both runtime and build time errors, in any git repository.

NOTE: If you have merged commits from another branch into the one you are running bisect on and they are in your specified range, you will need to run an interactive rebase so that those commits get applied to the branch you are testing; otherwise, bisect will potentially checkout on the other branch and you miss the problem commit.

1. Run git log --format=%H HEAD^..HEAD and save that hash.

2. Run _git rebase -i <good_commit_hash> and then save the resulting screen.

3. Let the rebase run.

4. Execute steps 1-5 above.

5. Run git reset --hard <saved_hash_of_step_1>. Then either revert or fix the commit.

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Thanks to the collaborative effort between +Nick Reuter, +Harsh Shandilya, +Akhil Narang, and +Alex Cruz, we have upstreamed the latest CAF branches for both 3.10 and 3.18:

We will try to keep these up to date as best we can. 4.4 will be done in due time but not too many currently available devices are using it just yet so it's not of the highest priority. Feel free to either cherry-pick or pull these as needed. Enjoy!

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OP3/Kenzo users, would y'all prefer Rooted (Magisk) builds or Rootless builds?
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Rooted (Magisk)

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Hey guys, we now have an RR chat on telegram!

Join in to discuss about RR :)

There is also one for PitchBlack theme by +Altan KRK

You can join in there to get updates about the theme, etc.

Old pinned post -

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Hey guys, we now have an RR chat on telegram!

Join in to discuss about RR :)

There is also one for PitchBlack theme by +Altan KRK

You can join in there to get updates about the theme, etc.

Old pinned post -

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Substratum Release 805

*Visual Transition between Floating Action Menu and Snackbar exit transition: This one was more of me nitpicking, where I kept noticing small visual bugs when a user starts to go faster than the app during a snackbar's visibility on the view. Now it will dynamically show visibility depending on its state without disrupting the APIs involved.

Type 2 Spinner Default Texts: Apologies for the previous rollout where certain users found out their themes were showing "type2 variant..." instead of the default text. This was remedied and now unencrypted, encrypted and missing type2 default files now show proper texts.

LogChar Changes: With the 805 rollout, we have committed to a less intrusive way to alert the user when they experience an erroneous compilation issue by showing a snackbar with a nice message and an option to open up the LogChar.

LogChars also save by default now on your internal SD so if a configuration change was forcing Substratum to refresh while the dialog is opened, you can now browse in /storage/emulated/0/substratum/LogChar Reports/ folder to obtain the log and send it to your themer.

Full Changelog
Strings didn't want to be cleaned up earlier
Public release 805
Full translation import
SettingsFragment: Allow the user to toggle automatic LogChar saving
ManageSpaceActivity: Allow the user to clear logs
Overlays: Autosave LogChar files; don't show LogChar by default
InformationActivity: Revamp Fab Click to Lunchbar Dismiss Transition
ThemeAdapter: Do not allow theme to be uninstalled if system app
Overlays: Adapt to no-type2, type2 decrypt and type2 encrypt
Overlays: Nick said the fix needs a fix
Overlays: Fix default type2 name not showing
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July patches merged in!

Op3 test build (no OTA will be given to this build)

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GCC 7.x Prebuilt Toolchains updated!

The README goes over how to use the toolchains and the supporting commits you will need. Enjoy!
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