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Volume 1 of Game Wrap, NEIL's annual publication dedicated to the art and craft of LARP is now available on the website and as a PDF.

Check out the great articles, share the fun, congratulate the authors, let us know what you think, and propose an article of your own for Vol.2!

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I seem to have gotten a donation for Boston Children's Hospital from one "Black Bart Roberts". Just glad Captain Roberts decided to share some of his loot with the kids.

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For the third year in a row I'll be teaming up with  my brother Eric and cousin Michael next Saturday to raise money for Children's Hospital by playing video games for 24 hours straight. This year we'll be doing a nonstop 24 hr. stream. I'll post the details here once we get that up and running.

Why should you donate? First, because 100% of your donation goes to helping sick kids, regardless of their ability to pay. Secondly, because Eric challenged me that if I could raise $100 this weekend he would play a game of my choice on the stream, and he gets really freaked out by horror games.

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Game Wrap needs your larp essays and larps!

Game Wrap is a new yearly publication focusing on the art and craft of live action roleplaying games. We’ll be releasing our first volume this winter, in both a pdf and a print on demand version. Game Wrap will contain articles about larp theory and practice - the process of writing and running games as well as playing in them. We also publish analyses of larp as an art form, educational or therapeutic tool, and pastime. Alongside each volume, we will also be publishing the full text of one or more pre-written larp scenarios, accompanied by reflective essays and discussion from the authors. 

All forms and traditions of larp are welcome!

We’re currently looking for both essays and short, pre-written larp scenarios for our first volume. We’ll be accepting abstracts from now until July 1st. If you're interested in writing an article or publishing a larp in it, please submit your abstract on our website.

Game Wrap is a publication of New England Interactive Literature, the organization behind the Intercon larp conventions and the annual New England Larp Conference (NELCO).

Please feel free to re-post or pass along this message!

(I wasn't sure where this fell in the communities categories - mods please feel free to move it if necessary)

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A friend of mine is kickstarting a set of Ganjifa playing cards, a type of playing card popular in India and largely unavailable in the US until now. The deck being produced will feature original artwork based on artwork from a deck from the early 1800s. Very cool for the fan of Indian culture or playing card history. Of course, I'll be using my deck as a larp prop...

Does anyone know if there's a way to customize the little black bar that appears at the top of the page on most google services? I never use"Play" and hardly ever click the Youtube link, but I use Reader and Groups all the time (and the latter is pretty well buried in "even more")

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This is an amazing deal. I'd say "Limbo alone is worth the price" but I'm not sure that makes sense when the price is "whatever you think it's worth".

Every time I try to load g+ now, it takes me to a page nagging me to find more friends, without even an option to say "no, just go to my account". I can only actually see my stream by closing it and re-opening it. Anyone else experiencing this or know whats up?
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