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Shamir presenting the new Autograph III Progressive at Dave and Busters, San Jose!

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Optos Optomap- Technology at Work for Your Eye Health

The past 10 years have seen a big explosion in eyecare technology. Some new technology doesn’t stand the test of time and quickly becomes obsolete. 5 years ago we invested over $100,000 in the Optos retinal imaging system. We believed in this technology so much that we offered the images to patients below the recommended $39 to $49 fee to allow more patients to take advantage of the Optos Optomap images. 

A recent study conducted at the New England College of Optometry and published in the journal Eye and Brain, demonstrated the value of Optomap in detecting retinal problems when compared to the traditional dilated retinal examination.  The Optomap identified between 90 percent and 100 percent in comparison to the traditional method which identified only 15 percent to 62 percent of the lesions associated with macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

“Optomap images allow us to preview such a wide view of the retina before we perform our traditional exam. It’s like having a GPS of the retina. When you couple this with the benefits of digital management of the images such as zooming in to visualize key pathology, there are clear benefits in using this image-assited technique, “  said Kristen Brown, O.D., the principal study investigator. “This study confirms what our clinical experience tells us – the use of Digital technology can help us to improve the examination and care we give to patients.” (AOA News May 2013) 

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Which Contact Lens is the Best?

How did you end up wearing the “Advanced Super Mist” contact lens? No doubt your doctor had an instrumental role in deciding which lens you wear. Why did he choose that lens over another brand? Is there a better lens out there? Is there a real difference between lenses? The Acuvue Oasys contact lens is the most popular contact on the planet, but what are its drawbacks?

I’ll be answering those questions over the next few months as I throw out my opinions on all the major brands contact lenses. I’ll even throw in a few thoughts on lenses you might not have heard about previously. I’ve been fitting contact lenses for over 30 years, and I’m ready to name names. 

The advances in contact lens technology over the past 20 years have been amazing. Until Vistakon introduced the first disposable contact lens, quality control was abysmal in the industry. Contacts were manufactured from a dry piece of plastic and cut to size on an automated lathe. Just the vibration of someone walking past the lathe was enough to cause problems. Saline was added to the dry plastic. Each batch of plastic had to expand exactly the same as the previous batch. Guess what? Batches varied and vibrations caused problems. We used to stock 10 lenses in each prescription, hoping that we would get 6 or 7 lenses that were good. 

Today, lenses are cast molded in the wet state. Lenses don’t go through the problematic expansion process. The quality of lenses is amazing. Sure we get a few clunkers, but overall, the quality is outstanding. In the 80’s, no doctor would dream of giving a patient 48 lenses at a time. The quality wasn’t there. Now we give patient’s 720 contacts at a time, and we sleep soundly knowing the patient is well served by his contacts. 

That’s it for the history lesson. Check back as I continue on the quest for the best contact lens.

-Dr. William Steiner

The 50's lens vs the 90's lens present below.

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Looking for chic retro-style frames? We just received a lot of fun styles from Oliver Peoples.

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New York Vision Expo
April 11, 2013
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Vsp Eyecare Presents:15 Things Didn't Know About Your Eyes!

1. The average blink lasts for about 1/10th of a second.
2. While it takes some time for most parts of your body to warm up to their full potential, your eyes are on their “A game” 24/7.
3. Eyes heal quickly. With proper care, it only takes about 48 hours for the eye to repair a corneal scratch.
4. Seeing is such a big part of everyday life that it requires about half of the brain to get involved.
5. Newborns don’t produce tears. They make crying sounds, but the tears don’t start flowing until they are about 4-13 weeks old.
6. Around the world, about 39 million people are blind and roughly 6 times that many have some kind of vision impairment.
7. Doctors have yet to find a way to transplant an eyeball. The optic nerve that connects the eye to the brain is too sensitive to reconstruct successfully.
8. The cells in your eye come in different shapes. Rod-shaped cells allow you to see shapes, and cone-shaped cells allow you to see color.
9. You blink about 12 times every minute.
10. Your eyes are about 1 inch across and weigh about 0.25 ounce.
11. Some people are born with two differently colored eyes. This condition is heterochromia.
12. Even if no one in the past few generations of your family had blue or green eyes, these recessive traits can still appear in later generations.
13. Each of your eyes has a small blind spot in the back of the retina where the optic nerve attaches. You don’t notice the hole in your vision because your eyes work together to fill in each other’s blind spot.
14. Out of all the muscles in your body, the muscles that control your eyes are the most active.
15. 80% of vision problems worldwide are avoidable or even curable.

Give care and attention to your eyes they deserve by setting an eye exam appointment with us! Schedule an appointment on WebScheduler on our Facebook or on!

Varilux S Fit Series from Essilor will now be sold to private patients (not approved under VSP yet) who are interested in purchasing the latest technology in progressives. They have the latest cutting edge design and innovative technology that will ensure a faster visual reaction time, wider peripheral vision (SynchronEyes) and stability in motion (Nanoptix technology).

If you need more information, please visit their website

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Welcome to our beautiful optometry office!
Optical Illusion San Jose Office
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From left to right... Dr. William Steiner O.D., Dr. Michael Gatschet O.D., and Dr. David Sabbah O.D.
Meet the Doctors!
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