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Ethan Klosterman
IT services professional in Fort Myers, Florida
IT services professional in Fort Myers, Florida

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I covered First Lady Michelle Obama's campaign stop in Dayton, Ohio yesterday.

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Check out my 10 reasons why I really like Berlin!

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~900,000 angry Spaniards? Why wouldn't you want to look!?

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Here's my post about my trip to Granada! It's a really nice place to visit and even better place to photograph!

Calling all photog friends, acquaintances, DMU-ers, SportsShooters and friends of friends!
I'm currently in Spain (until June) and want to do a photowalk somewhere in Europe! Any takers?

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I'm living in Spain! Check out the photos and stories!

So that last poll was fun. In 10 days, six people, out of the 2,791 that have added me to their circles, have indicated that they've met me.

Part two
Let's see how the word gets out.
If you've never met me, +1 this post! Ready, go!

Hey circles! Let's do a poll.

If you have met me in real life...or had me @ you on Twitter (which is essentially real life, right?), +1 this post.

Ready, go!

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Thanks to all the new people that have been adding me to your circles. Check me on Twitter! I post updates and shots throughout the day.

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Yeah, watch your 6. god....好狗運
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