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Graphical Look Inside Schizophrenia (

#Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness that makes a person hear and see things that are not there.

At WTG we offer confidential psychiatric services for people living with schizophrenia. Our full time psychiatrist provides adjunctive treatment to therapy and at Williamsburg Therapy Group we offer all aspects of therapy and care under one roof.

We are always intrigued to hear unique stories of schizophrenia in the media. Schizophrenia is a mental illness that still has a lot of stigma attached to it and is a mental illness that is still greatly misunderstood.

18 year old Kate is an artist who has schizophrenia and is using her art as a way to depict her mental illness and break the stigmas attached to schizophrenia. Kate posted her story and artwork on the website Bored Panda to explain why she is so open about having schizophrenia:

I have always been an ‘artist’, I just didn’t realize what that meant until my mental illness appeared. *_I despise the term ‘mentally ill’; it implies that who I am as a person is fundamentally corrupted and broken.

Unfortunately, as soon as I tell people what I struggle with, I feel like that’s all they see me as. They see the __stigma perpetuated by the media,* and the inaccurate stereotypes portrayed in Hollywood. That is precisely why I am so open about what I live with._

Click the link to

If you or a loved on in the Brooklyn area are struggling with schizophrenia our team can help you. Contact us today via our website for a free and confidential consultation with our highly trained psychiatrist - (

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The Habits Of People With Depression (

It can be hard to tell if a person has #depression just from looking at them. Sometimes a person with depression can start or stop certain activities or have noticeable changes in behavior. This can be a sign that they are struggling. It can also be a sign that they are incorporating coping mechanisms into their lives to try to combat the depression.

The Huffington Post reported on a survey conducted by The Mighty about the habits that people with depression have. The survey asked people if they have key habits that they fall into when experiencing depression. The survey also asked respondents if they had any survival coping habits that they used to try to keep depression at bay.

Here are a selection of the ways that people try to combat depression:

“I write poetry and little story books for kids… I base stories off the happy times so the depression doesn’t take over.” — Amanda T.

“I run. I’ve been a runner for years now, and how I run really reflects my mental state. Some days just getting up and doing a mile or two is enough for me to feel like I accomplished something…. staying active and releasing those endorphins really helps when I know I’m in a depressive cycle (bipolar).” — Steven W.

Click the link to read the full article: (

At Williamsburg Therapy Group we believe in individualized treatment programs and understand that for some, it is important to have coping mechanisms in place to deal with depression. However it is important if you do suffer from depression to combine this with professional therapy.

Our Brooklyn based psychologists can help you. Contact us for a free consultation today: (

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Interesting - Prince William and Lady Gaga Speak on Mental Health ()

If that #mental #health title is slightly puzzling, don't worry, it caught us off guard too! But when you think about it, celebrities and political figures are often in the spotlight and may be more prone to mental health conditions than the average individual.

As it turns out, the heir to the British throne was interested in enlisting the help of Lady Gaga an an effort to persuade people to help squash the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Gaga had a well publicized struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder and dovetailed with the young royals campaign to focus charitable work work towards ending the stigma attached to mental health issues and treatment.

An article in +Chicago Tribune discussed more about the meeting between Lady Gaga and Prince William:

Mental health charities are flatly thrilled. Comments from the royals gain _*_immediate attention_ — particularly when they offer tantalizing revelations about their private lives. But mostly the comments show that _it is normal to seek assistance when going through tough times.*

You can click on the link above to read more about this conversation between Lady Gaga and Prince William.

If you happen to be on this side of the pond, and are looking for qualified help across a spectrum of mental health modalities don't wait to get in touch with the Williamsburg Therapy Group - (

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Expert Psychiatric Services for Brooklyn (

The choice to pursue #psychiatry is a difficult one to make, initially. Our staff is trained to provide top-notch psychiatric care for Brooklyn and Williamsburg residents.

Our approach involved adjunctive treatment to therapy and we see patients through whatever style fits the client best, independent consultations, evaluations, medication management, and diagnostic refinement.

We provide a unique ability for patients to receive treatment from a variety of mental health disciplines under a single roof. If you, or a loved one are struggling with mood disorders, anxiety, psychotic episodes, personality disorders, or trauma-related disorders we can help you.

Additionally, those dealing with substance abuse and ADHD can benefit from psychiatric treatment. Also consider our team for relationship therapy, anxiety & depression treatment, group therapy, treatment for severe emotional conditions, and addiction treatment options.

Are you ready to meet our team? The Williamsburg Therapy Group offers free consultations which provide the ability to get to know our team, give them the opportunity to learn about your situation, and create a blueprint for getting on the road to effective mental health management.

Click on the website to learn more about the collective. We're looking forward to meeting you!

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Facebook and Depression (

#Depression is a serious mental illness that can affect anyone regardless of age or background. There is not always a clear cause behind why a person has depression.

At Williamsburg Therapy Group we are always interested to see new research into causes associated with depression.

A new study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh has found a link between social media use and depression. The researchers found that the more time young adults spend on social media the more likely they were to be depressed.

The study surveyed 1,787 young people in the U.S and found that on average they spent 61 minutes on social media per day and visited various social media accounts 30 times per week.

Forbes reported on the findings from the study. Here is an excerpt from the article:

It is possible that people who are depressed use social media to fill a void, according to lead author Lui yi Lin. However, exposure to social media can cause depression — which leads to more social media usage.

Why would heavy social media usage cause depression?_ The exposure to “highly idealized representations of peers on social media elicits feelings of envy and the distorted belief that others lead happier, more successful lives,” says the study._

Spending more time on social media _*_increases the exposure to cyber-bullying,*_ thus causing feelings of depression._

Click the link to read the full article about the link between social media and depression: (

Our #Brooklyn based team can help you if you are suffering from depression. Get in touch with us through our website for a free consultation: (

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Turning Commercials On Their Head About Mental Health (

#Beauty #commercials often show an idealized version of the world.

Featuring photo-shopped models with too perfect skin and bodies, beauty commercials can have a negative impact on normal humans, male and female. These advertisements can make people feel as though they are not ever able to attain the world's view of ‘perfection’.

It's true that these beauty commercials can have harmful effects on a person's mental health over a long enough period of time.

This is why we were interested to see a new campaign launch using beauty commercials as a platform to raise awareness about mental health. The campaign from Project UROK has created parodies of three beauty commercials.

These parodies aim to highlight mental illness in young people and the fact that an exterior persona does not always mean that a person is well.

+Refinery29 has highlighted the new campaign and how it is aiming to raise awareness about mental health:

These ads were created to help kids dealing with their mental health recognize that creating a persona that looks fine all the time isn't necessary. Project UROK, which is part of the Child Mind Institute, is calling the new campaign #YouAreFine_, not to say that people who have disorders like anxiety or OCD have to always feel fine, but because it is fine for them to have the feelings they have — *and to show them.

Right now, there are __two fake fragrance commercials — for "Anxiete" and "Eau C D" — and a fake lipstick ad, for a color called Trauma.

"Clammy hands, tightness in the chest, a sense of impending doom, now with a French accent," the narrator of the Anxiete ad says. _"Anxiete. It's the worst."*

Click the link to read more about this new project: (

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Marriage Counselling as Retirement Prep? (

Big changes in life can have an impact on a #marriage. Retirement is an entire life change that is guaranteed to require adjustments for a couple.

These life adjustments might come as a surprise, though. After all the details about living situation, income requirements, and proximity to friends and family, there are details about a marriage that need to be considered.

When you think of retirement you might imagine that only the retiree is being impacted. But retirement can have a big impact on your partner too.

An article on +The Globe and Mail discusses the importance of not only focusing on accumulated wealth when it comes to retirement. Many people are fixated on making sure that they have enough money saved pre-retirement.

However, this new time and constant togetherness can cause a strain on a marriage.

The danger is that this enforced togetherness also *_magnifies any simmering marital tensions. “If you have issues, part of investing for retirement is probably going to involve some kind of marital counselling,” Dr. Finke said.

If you have any doubts about how you and your spouse will fare, he has a suggestion: Take your accumulated vacation time and stage a __mock retirement a couple of years before your actual one. Don’t go anywhere. Just spend a month at home* with your significant other. The experience will reveal how prepared you are for the reality of what lies ahead._

Click the link to read the article in full: (

At Williamsburg Therapy Group we provide marriage counseling for couples at all stages of life. If you and your partner are looking to work out some chronic issues in your relationship, our professional therapists can work to guide you through the process.

Contact us today for a free consultation: (

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Psychiatric Services in Brooklyn & Williamsburg (

The choice to seek out #psychiatric services is not an easy one for a person to elect. But at Williamsburg Therapy Group, we are staffed by experienced doctors who know and understand the journey that patients take to get to that point where they walk through our doors.

We offer full-time psychiatrists that are available to provide adjunctive treatment, independent consultations, evaluations, medication management and diagnostic refinement.

The key, we believe, is ensuring that psychologists and psychiatrists work together to provide every patient of WTG with coordinated, custom care.

In mental health, there are rarely "one-size-fits-all" treatment courses, much like no two individuals are exactly alike.

Many insurance companies provide reimbursement for mental health treatment, so don't suffer any longer - make an appointment to see our staff through the link above. Consultations are free for patients.

Right now, we have three locations to make mental health care more convenient for you:

38 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY

190 North 10th Street
Brooklyn, NY

223 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, NY

We encourage anyone interested in help for themselves or a loved one to click on the link above and browse our website. Get to know our providers and treatment modalities but most importantly, let us help guide you along the journey to recovery.

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The Genetics Of Depression (

#Depression is a mental illness that can affect anyone regardless of gender, ethnicity or culture. There are many factors that can cause depression in a person.

Some of these are outside factors that are caused by the surrounding environment. However, scientists have been searching to see if genetics play a role in depression.

It turns out they might have a more significant role than originally thought.

A new study has found that variants in a certain gene can lead to depression. The new findings show that the gene NKPD1 could amount to 4% of the hereditary risk of depression. An article on Medical Daily has discussed the findings of this new study:

"We are the first to show a possible genetic connection in this respect," said first author Dr. Najaf Amin in a recent statement, suggesting that the genetic connection may lead to gene therapy treatments and *_better diagnosis options* for individuals carrying this gene._

Genetics testing into the causes of depression is still new and there is still a lot for scientists to discover. However, these results show that for some people the risk of depression can be hereditary.

Click the link to read the full article: (

If you are suffering from depression our professional mental health practitioners can help you. Contact us for a free consultation in our Williamsburg clinic: (

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Raising Awareness About Mental Health For Women Of Color ()

Mental health can have different #stigmas attached to it based on a variety of factors. This may be due to society, culture, race and religion.

For Brooklyn-based Elyse Fox, a woman of Caribbean heritage, mental health in her community was heavily stigmatized. After suffering with depression Fox took action to create an online and in person community for young women of color to access information and resources on mental health.

Broadly reported on Fox’s new initiative called ‘The Sad Girls Club’. After Fox released a film about her experience with depression titled ‘A Conversation With Friends’ many young women reached out to her for advice on how to access mental health treatment.

In these correspondences, many girls described their feelings of isolation. While Fox responded to each girl individually—sometimes even referring them to local, *professional mental health resources*—she wanted to create something larger and more concrete. "I wanted to bring all these girls together to discuss and create a community within the mental health world," she said.

Click the link to read the full article: ()

At Williamsburg Therapy Group we love what Elyse is attempting to accomplish. It;s so important that mental health is de-stigmatized.

Our professional mental health support our practitioners offer non discriminatory support for depression and other mental health disorders. Contact us today for a free consultation: (

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