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Strategic Organization Design
Peter J Sorenson: Designing Organizations Surviving the Test of Time
Peter J Sorenson: Designing Organizations Surviving the Test of Time


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The Problem of the Strategy, Culture, Change & Filters 
Author: Peter Jay Sorenson CMC®,

It is hard to be objective.  It is hard to find objective, filter-free information.  Too often people will tell us what they think we want to hear.  Or tell us what makes sense through the filter of their own point of view.

People, even consultants, bring their points of view to the table.  Those points of view act as filters to what we see, what we think, what we say, and what we do.   Triangulation is the most important tool we have to cross-check the accuracy and validity of what we ourselves think, what we see or think we see, and what we hear from others.  So find multiple sources of data.  Evaluate the quality and reliability of those sources, and compare what you are getting from one source with another.  That comparison is your triangulation mechanism. #organizationalchanges  
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Knowledge Work Contrasted with Routine Work:
Routine work tends to be programmed, have repeatable patterns, can be analyzed, is usually well understood and is often static.  It tends to change more slowly than knowledge work.

Knowledge work is non-routine, non-linear, non-sequential, and iterative.  It is varied, unique, dynamic, and emergent.  In order to do knowledge work well you have to apply the skills of analysis, synthesis, and creative thinking.   The most effective knowledge workers develop a capacity to deal with uncertainty, ambiguity, complexity, and change.
Through their experience effective knowledge workers develop judgement and insight that allows them to move beyond what facts they have command of to a state of “je ne sais quoi” where they have a schooled intuition (wisd0m) that allows them to quickly size up a situation and determine what they know and what they do not know and construct a path forward.

The reality of our work in organizations today is that most work is a mix of both routine work and knowledge work.  An example of this is the work on a customer service Help Desk.  Most calls can be resolved with the same basic hand holding and answering basic questions.  That is routine work.  But calls frequently need more diagnostic discussion, and careful thought about how you can help this individual accomplish what they specifically want to do.  That moves into the more complex arena of knowledge work. #organizationalculture  
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Peter J Sorenson Consulting: Recent Consulting Projects Include:
. Discovering what works and making recommendations on innovation and collaboration in a large nonprofit healthcare organization. #organizationalconsultant  
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Peter J Sorenson: Strategic Organization Design Consultant
Pete is a strategic organization design consultant, coach, and social entrepreneur operating under the name Strategic Organization Design, Inc.
The Big Picture
Pete is known for his ability to see the Big Picture, make sense of messes, and lead teams through the resolution of complex issues. He relates well to people from all stations of life, speaks frankly, and has a practical eye for getting things done.
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The Core Services of Strategic Organization Design are:
Crafting Strategy (to take organizations into a constructive future)
Designing Organizations (to fulfill strategic intent)
Creating Change (to implement the design features of the organization)
Assessing Results (of what has been done)
Designing Meetings (to get all of the aforementioned work done)
Coaching Executives (to constructively do what it takes to get results)
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