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edo deweert
circumcision hurts; stop it!
circumcision hurts; stop it!

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the sound
coming from the radio
is not in sync
with the frankincense
stalking the room

someone is looking
to buy midnight

taped to the door is a photograph
of several half eaten cakes
it is a black and white photograph

the sound
coming from the radio
shatters the air
which melts in my hands
dripping between my fingers
to the floor
where it copulates with
the light from a lantern

chocolate eyes and
a mouthful of cherries

around the corner
i am told
there is a place
where midnight
is bought and sold

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the voice.....the voice!

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untitled #12

a bell tolls

names are scratched
on pieces of paper
did you believe
it would stay this way?


mouths move
behind the glass
you hear not the song
the water in the pond is still

flowers are wilting
it's four blocks to school
seven minutes
if you listen carefully
you can hear the flowers wilt
it is snowing now

stands a tin soldier
with one arm missing
(i ripped off the arm
when the gun wouldn't fire)
did you believe it
would stay this way?

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i looked the other way
so i didn't see the footprints
nor hear the whispers
and i didn't feel the shame
for i had looked the other way
i traveled the eastwind
and i traveled the southwind
i shook the hand of neptune twice
( he remembered me
from the first time)
i appeared from mysteries
and i danced
to the melodies of longing
they knew the secret
and still i looked the other way

untitled #9

the sun is trembling
on this
a circus afternoon
a giraffe is laughing
and magicians
will be appearing soon
they will jingle and curse
and dance around
the breasts of nuns
heaving in rousing glory
along the waterfront
i smell rope and fish and salt
you tell me about days
you insist nothing happened
but your memory
is twisted and depraved
even the giraffe
is laughing no more
it's the hallelujah song
and loins in holy rapture
is this where i went wrong?
i saw the nuns
i saw them naked
and the sun was trembling

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unfinished (again)

ice breath on flesh
look at me
naked and raw
splashing ghosts
across my face
give back
my broken body
to house my tarnished soul
[certified correct pursuant
to section 32 of the regulations]
there are places
you mustn't go
candy fire and
a green kiss
you travel light
i know
no need to
tell me again

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