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A Brand Management and Marketing Communication Consultancy Firm
A Brand Management and Marketing Communication Consultancy Firm

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"No matter how brilliantly an idea is stated, we will not really be moved unless we have already half thought of it ourselves." ~ Mignon McLaughlin

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Resonates with us so much.............. “Which is one reason why most business writing stinks,” he said. “So what does that mean when it comes to business writing? It means that you need to think about who are the bad guys in your story and how you can paint those bad guys in some particular light that brings conflict into your story....that you can build into your writing and that becomes really, really important. … So few people actually use that technique because they’re just writing the way that they were taught to write, which is about products and services.” 

#BrandTipOfTheDay: Effective Public Relations has as much to do with context as with contacts in the media. Getting your messaging right is half the battle won.

#BrandTipofTheDay: Treat your website as an asset of your company. A window of opportunity.

Invest in it with good content management to make it visually appealing, user friendly and compatible with multiple device platforms 

#BrandTipofTheDay: Before penetrating new markets, consider serving your existing customers innovatively

It is always prudent to reach out to existing customers comprehensively than spend an enormous budget on hunting for new ones. 

#BrandTipofTheDay: Be active on social media, but don't overdo it. 

Your posts can lose their vitality in the news feed if you do it too frequently or make it too lengthy.

Social Media is notorious for short attention spans ! 

#BrandTipofTheDay: Instead of telling people WHAT you make, tell them WHY you make. It fosters an emotional connect with the end consumer. 

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#BrandTipofTheDay: Facebook has become passe for the youth

Try Tumblr, if your business is looking for young demographics 

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We are delighted to unveil the NEW LOOK of our website. 

Do check out the new vibrant interface and let us know what you think about it :-) 


Counterfeiting: When an organization or individual produces a product that looks like a branded product and is packaged and presented in a manner to deceive the purchaser.

Be sure to follow your ethics before succumbing to any malpractices. 
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