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The Old School Renovation of the Old Barn Begins...
Well. We are finally settled... This past year, my husband’s
company was unexpectedly sold. Suddenly, our life was filled with a lot of uncertainty. Job security, job satisfaction, advancement was all unknown and many employees began to leave as other compa...

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French Postal Dresser
F or the better part of the year, I have latched on to a
specific furniture look, cream distressed back to gold undertones. And I am not
ready to let go. The gold peaking out dresses things up, but the simplicity
of white slightly roughed up…keeps a lid on ...

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The Romantic Master Bedroom…A Work in Progress The master bedroom in our home is one of my favorite rooms our
house. It has a working fireplace, long windows with big ledges, and its smaller scale
gives it a wonderful cozy and romantic feel. To play up

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Cream and Gold French Dresser Tutorial
For this post, I searched through my older photos hoping to
find a picture of this dresser as she originally looked. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any.  It would have made a great before and after, because the
transformation was remarkable. That is wh...

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Sealing Your Painted Furniture with Modern Masters Dead Flat Varnish
Lets talk about topcoats for furniture. I have had a lot of bad
experiences with topcoats. Polyurethanes, varnishes, waxes, you name it. I have battled brush strokes and sheen. I have had
them bubble and peel. I have found drips and hairs dried in them. Yet...

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A Welcoming New Look With Modern Masters Front Door Paint
Just before memorial weekend, I was able to cross a project off our never-ending home improvement list.  I painted our front door.  It was easy, it was inexpensive and in about 2 hours our front door had a fresh and welcoming new look. Thanks to Modern Mast...

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The White Country Kitchen: The Paint I Chose to Transform my Cabinets
In Febuary, we finished updating the kitchen in our victiorian farm house . With the help of a gallon of primer and white paint, we
transformed if from dark and dated to bright and fresh. For this project, I knew I wanted the look of a traditional country w...

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Beautiful! Perfect distressing!

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A Tour Inside Our Old Victorian Farmhouse....The Day We Moved In
Last May my family and I moved into an 1860
brick Victorian Farmhouse.  It was old and charming and as soon as the last moving box hit the floor, I shared with my readers the grounds of our new home. The landscape and surroundings were enchanting and they h...
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