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The OnePost Project: #OnePost
If you could share only One Post with the world, what would it be?
If you could share only One Post with the world, what would it be?

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Economic Collapse and the Shortsightedness of the 1%

"In 1315, when the Venetian city-state was at the height of its economic powers, the upper class acted to lock in its privileges, putting a formal stop to social mobility with the publication of the Libro d’Oro, or Book of Gold, an official register of the nobility. If you weren’t on it, you couldn’t join the ruling oligarchy. The political shift, which had begun nearly two decades earlier, was so striking a change that the Venetians gave it a name: La Serrata, or the closure."

"By 1500, Venice’s population was smaller than it had been in 1330. In the 17th and 18th centuries, as the rest of Europe grew, the city continued to shrink."

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This is the #OnePost +Grizwald Grim most wants the world to see:
The World You Live In
My new #OnePost for +The OnePost Project: #OnePost
The World You Live In (8 photos)
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This is the #OnePost +Ralph Sevy most wants the world to see:
Without Malice

To my brothers and sisters across the globe, who's only desire is to live in peace, I write the words to you.

Make no mistake, there will be times that you and I will disagree, it could become so heated that one or both of use see red, it is the nature of being an individual with each of us wanting different things. As long as we still only want to live in peace, we will regroup, reformulate and combine our ideas and return to the table to resolve whatever issue we may have.

I may very well offend your emotions, your since of decency or even your pride as we make this incredible journey into true freedom. I will even do it purposely as you view my interactions with others. I have been placed upon this wonderful world to open the eyes of men. Sometimes you must do these things as those with closed minds and hateful souls require honesty and truth.

To the rest of the world these words are for you.

Your time is over, for centuries your kind has abused your children, you have shattered their minds with your words in order to control them like cattle. You have taken the strap to their backs to instill fear of death. You demand respect from them by locking in cages. You have turned your children into monsters.

I will attack your ideas, your desire for power. I will crush you under my boot without a second thought. You have created me. Your theft of others property has funded my training. I will be relentless in my goals to eradicate you from this planet you will not stop destroying. In a word, you are done.

First you came for the blacks and I could not stop it
Then you came for the gays and I did nothing
You came for the workers and I stood by, hoping you would stop
Now you are feeding on yourselves in an effort to control the world
I will do nothing to save you from yourself if you will not open your eyes

You have feasted on human flesh, and even though the smell offened you you mearly created marinade.
You have enslaved entire societies, beat them relentlessly. You created religion to justify the evil in your hearts twords other men. Now you have given us the state. Imposing your will with your militaries, imprisoned people with your police. Stolen other peoples labor to fund it. No more.

Your days are numbered. The people are waking up to you. They are seeing the violence. They are refusing to accept your authority. You are human waste, about to be flushed down the toilet of history.

Just Nero did, my brothers and sisters will stand by, playing our fiddles as you burn yourselves to the ground. When your ashes are scattered about the trash heap of history, my brothers and sisters in peace will join hands and finally know true freedom.

This is your wakeup call, you ignore it at your own peril. You have granted no mercy and you will be shown none. The state is an illusion. The last illusion left that man must destroy.

That is all.

Announcement: Due to lack of success and lack of available time, the current manager of this page/project will be vacating the position of current manager. Should another candidate not step forward and take the reins, the project will remain in its current state for the foreseeable future with no future posts, etc.

If you are interested in taking the helm of the project (or know someone who might be), please contact the page or its current manager +Grizwald Grim, who offers thanks and apologies to those of you who have participated in the project as follows:
"_Thanks for your participation, without you the project would never have made it this far. Apologies for my inability to make the project a greater success._"

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This is the #OnePost +S.L.S Oborowsky most wants the world to see:
This is my #Onepost for the world to see through +The OnePost Project: #OnePost I would like to share. It is to celebrate diversity, which many countries who have welcomed all without prejudice can take pride in.

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This is the #OnePost +Paulissa Kipp most wants the world to see:

A friend and the best, kindest man I know is struggling a great deal right now with PTSD. He is a Vietnam War veteran. Despite of all the positive impact he has made in this world in his 35 years of teaching, he will always believe he cannot atone for his sins under orders. This is what I have said to him. He has said he finds it helpful to read on those days when the memories haunt him.

Please share far and wide, if you are so moved. They need our love and respect.

*I would like to take a moment to thank you for your service. I know how much you struggle with this at times. I remember my uncles struggling with it as well. I would like to share some thoughts about what you have done for me, lest you think I take it for granted or should forget. I'm told that people with truly pure hearts are rare. There are some people, however, who simply are love. That is you, love. There is a brightness and fullness in my life because of you. A kind word, laugh, short note, or simply a hug from you makes all the difference in my day. Your efforts matter because you not only show others how to speak with their mouths, you show them how to speak with their hearts. That is priceless.


Whether we agree with the reasons our country is at war or not, the fact still remains that we have people fighting for our right to play Monday morning quarterback over it all. Those who would say that our soldiers are stupid and that's why they're in Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere else in the world they're needed are naive.

The soldier who serves our country is not evil, self-serving, or looking for glory. Some were given a choice: the military or jail. Others were drafted, still others joined voluntarily after some heinous act jeopardized the safety of our country and its citizens.

These men and women have seen things in the performance of their duties that most of us haven't even dreamed of in our worst nightmares. Decades after their service, what they did because their country asked them to or because their own life was threatened during combat, still haunt their minds and hearts. Many have never forgiven themselves and believe they can never atone enough for the lives taken, damage caused, and peace of mind taken, even though those lives were of the "enemy". They weep for the loss of humanity.

Even those who did not die, lose limbs, or see comrades die lost something. The years and months away from family, freedoms, and easy going spirits were lost. Innocence was lost. Simply because the pain cannot be readily observed does not negate its existence. José Narosky has said "In war, there are no unwounded soldiers."

It takes people with courage to stand up for the weak, less fortunate, and humanity to allow us our freedoms. The right to raise our families and sleep safely in our beds each night rests on their weary shoulders. Hold them up, thank them, and most of all, honor them.*

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This is the #OnePost +John Kellden most wants the world to see:
Uniquely You: How to play well together with others, part 83

Signal amidst the Noise
Signal to the rest of the world, that:

You are response-able
You are good at learning new things
You are unique
You do give a damn
You have energy and enthusiasm to add
You are social (in your own unique way)
You are wise (in your ...)
You are smart, sensible, common sense, or somesuch
You are competent

and you'll do much much better than fine. May you level up so as to
lead an interesting life, and go get the bastards.

some of this was inspired by +John Robb
go read:

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This is the #OnePost +Catherine Maguire most wants the world to see:
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