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Ahmad Najib Habeb
Drupal, Web Development, Video Streaming, videowall, touchscreen, kiosk, Digital Signage, Islamic Art, Islamic Calligraphy, Art Painting, Abstract painting, TV stand
Drupal, Web Development, Video Streaming, videowall, touchscreen, kiosk, Digital Signage, Islamic Art, Islamic Calligraphy, Art Painting, Abstract painting, TV stand


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Portable Slim Series Floor Standing Display FLR104

Israk’s ultraslim displays merging the visual power of its digital signage with the touch-driven efficiency of its interactive offerings suitable for retail, public, corporate and transportation environments, among others. The displays allow consumers to seamlessly navigate a range of relevant content without interference from surrounding light or environmental conditions. The integrated, powerful operating system offers users exciting capabilities to deliver rich, engaging content with minimal operational burden required. Beyond a potential for sales and engagement, businesses also benefit from the reduced total operational costs that come with a low-maintenance, hassle-free visual display upgrade.

Ultra-thin Structure
Latest superslim appearance with aluminum frame enclosed and built-in tempered glass. It's true thickness is only 21mm.

Full HD Stable Display
High quality 1920 x 1080 resolution ultra clear LCD Screen high brightness and superior color rendering.

Supports Android/Windows/Linux System
Support a variety of Android/Windows/Linux devices remote control, edit content synchronization. Update, expand business opportunities. However, our default and preferred OS is Android.

Supports LAN or WAN Digital Signage Content Management Software
Use Free software or simple deployment or upgrade to cloud server-based system for more complicated and advanced feature digital signage system

Diverse Customization
Diverse Customization: Single version/network version ( LAN / WIFI / 3G / 4G ) / touch version, camera / sensing / bluetooth / interactive touch screen and other expansion capabilities, all can be customized according to customer’s specific requirements such as adding corporate logo and color.

Optional Touchscreen
This Ultra slim only offers Touch Foil touchscreen technology to maintain it's slimness. IR technology and capacitive touch is not applicable to this design.
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Our Floor Standing Touch Screen Kiosk (Vertical) provides both high quality commercial display and a luxurious housing come with tempered glass. The Floor Stand Multi-Touch Screen standalone product can also be used as Digital Signage. Brightness levels up to 700 nits, 10,000:1 dynamic contrast and Full HD 1080p. It increases legibility and makes sure that it can be placed in even the brightest environments. A powerful integrated PC is used to provide LAN/WAN control of multiple displays, a Proprietary Digital Signage Program can also be used to allow you to access web-based server from any location.

Treat your visitors to a premium way finding service with FindYouWay, the smart way finding way/location kiosk that creates a meaningful bond between its users and their environment of any type: malls, department stores, airports, universities, city centres, hospitals, etc.

- Completely multi-touch allow all your visitors to easily visualize their route to any shop, department, room or location, across different floors and different buildings, with the ability to recommend specific routes for people with disabilities.
- Easy to use Semantic Search allow visitors will quickly find the brand, the product or the category they are looking for
- Sales offers ; allows you to display banner images, videos or flash animation to visitors on a banner on the map or full-screen. Each push can be linked to a location, an event, a promotion or even a web page
- Data Gathering; users can register directly on the interface. The data collected are then centralized by the software but can also be sent to an existing database.
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About Us

Israk is a TRUSTED solution provider for Digital Signage, Touchscreen Kiosk & Videowall Solutions Provider in Malaysia. With over 12 years in the industry, our clients ranging from government agencies, GLC, large corporation, international companies, even SME companies. With vast experiences, great project portfolio, and many years in business, we guarantee a successful project with the most affordable yet reliable solution!

Products & Services

Digital Signage Solution 
Videowall Solution 
LED Display 
Touchscreen Solution 
Interactive Smartboard 
Interactive Kiosk 
Live Streaming Service 
WebTV Solution 
IPTV Solution 
Meeting Room Booking System 
Drupal Web Development 
Drupal Training 
Interactive Building Directory

Visions & Missions

To become the top solution provider for Digital Signage in Malaysia and worldwide by offering the latest and best in class product and services.

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Israk's Building Directory Solution

There are a lot of digital building directories available at different price points, but we are confident that ours is one of the best and does not offer you junk solution or something you don't necessary need but need to pay unnecessaily.

Building Directory Software Key Features :

Web-based administration
Several templates are ready-made and can be customized for faster deployment.
Bulk CSV/Excel upload tenant/company list instead of the need to enter one-by-one.
Intuitive search function from Homescreen, or other pages.
Auto suggestion or completion (auto filter based on only 2 characters typed)
Images/banner Slideshow integration
Display advertising/promotions for the campus/facility and/or tenants
Include detailed company's information and images slideshow.
Company location on floorplan
Include company information or guidance
Webform for contact us or feedback
Standalone or centralized.
Include events & happening with images.
Alert visitors to upcoming events/breaking news
Touch-friendly scrolling or images or content
Sort by Alphabet or Sort by Level
Go Back button and main menu for faster navigation
Integration with Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feed for fresh daily update without touching floor Directory CMS.
Integration with local Weather
Default Company/tenant information such as Company Name, Business Category, Phone Number, Email, Floor Level, Lot Number, Operation Hours, Images & Website.
Option to integrate with Israk's Wayfinding Software.
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Interactive Building Directory Software
Our intuitive Building Directory software package with many different hardware solutions offers visitors an interactive and easy-to-use directory solution to find the company or destination. It's back up CMS system to manage and update your list as well as adding news or promotion banner.

Replace your old printed building directory with a new trend interactive kiosk in Malaysia. We have leveraged touchscreen technology to deliver interactive wayfinding & building directories to help visitors find locations or companies your building.

The interactive wayfinding kiosks & building directories enable you to provide your guests with detailed information in a rich, intuitive way that creates engaging interactions. Not only it brings your property to the next level, it give your tenants and visitor a great experience with Israk's Touchscreen Building Directory Solution.

With this touchscreen directory, you can display useful information about your tenants such as company's names, the person in charge who take charge of the company, other company details and building facilities & amenities. These features make it easy for visitor and guest looking for a space to rent and or companies’ visitors, reducing a first time visitor’s anxiety over being in an unfamiliar place. The directory will guide persons new to the exact location of the location while easy to find the services and amenities that they will need in the course of their stay in the building.

Israk's Building Directory Solution

There are a lot of digital building directories available at different price points, but we are confident that ours is one of the best and does not offer you junk solution or something you don't necessary need but need to pay unnecessaily. Here is what to look for in a digital building directory :.

Easy to update.
Low cost.
Scheduling feature.
Remote management.
Centralized control.
Zoned templates to display multiple media on screens.
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Our #Touchscreen #floorstanding horizontal kiosk for Seri Pacific Hotel, a 5 star hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Our #Touchscreen Solution

A comprehensive selection of multitouch solution for business, entertainment, and learning. We have everything you need to get started with touchscreen project, Hardware, Software, Content Development, Enclosure / Kiosk / Touchscreen Stand, Compact Media Player, and Technical Support.

Touchscreen Software

- Web-based with CMS backend
- HTML5, CSS with graphics & animation rich
- Mobile friendly
- High responsive and fast
- Visually appealing custom interface

Trusted by many government agencies and private organizations...

Our Digital Signage solutions have been recognized and successfully implemented in Malaysia since 2012. We emphasize quality products & services.

With vast experiences, great project portfolio, and many years in business, we guarantee a successful project with the most affordable yet reliable solution!
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LED Display / Panel Solution in Malaysia. We are a leading solution provider for indoor/outdoor #LEDDisplay products and integrated solutions from as narrow as 1.27mm pitch suitable for bezel-free videowall corporate lobby, boardroom, control center, and other. Visit
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We are looking forward to be your partner. Your #touchscreen project deserves the feature-rich and most reliable #touchscreen kiosk available technology in Malaysia.
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Create, Design, Publish & Monitor Your Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk. Introducing Israk CDMS Software.
Israk Content Distribution Management System  (CDMS) for #digitalsignage, is a server-based on LAN/WAN network platform and adopts distributed regional management technology, which can effectively integrate various multimedia resources including interactive touchscreen programs.

It offers remote production, publishing, and management of programs or playlist. The #Interactive touch program allows users to create an interactive interface, switch multiple pages, run APK applications such as Android games, embed any website, play live or VOD videos and create multiple slideshow of pictures.

You may create main and sub-menu to navigate different the corresponding pages or contents. In short, this is an easy to use program, very powerful and feature-rich to meet every need in modern touch screen project. Israk CDMS is an integrated digital signage and interactive #touchscreen software and well as monitoring platform for any organization plan to deploy small or large scale #digitalsignage network.
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Please checkout our website for Digital Signage solution in Malaysia
Future Challenges and Trends of Digital Signage Market
Digital signage also referred as dynamic signage is a form of slivercasting in which multimedia content is displayed at public places for advertising or informational purposes. It consists of a computer or playback devices which are connected to electronic display devices (LCD, LED, etc.) to display content such as digital images, videos and information. Various hardware components are used in the installation of a digital signage, such as media players, content management server and one or more display screens. Digital signage are majorly employed in schools, libraries, medical facilities, department stores, office buildings, airports, train stations, bus stations, auto dealerships, banks, and other public venues. The benefit of digital signage is that the data to be displayed can be updated at real time. Additionally, the data can also be compressed for transmission and storage.

Get Free Sample Copy of Report –

Geographically, the global digital signage market is segmented into five regions as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), Middle East and Africa (MEA), and South America (SAM). The increasing adoption rate of interactive displays which uses various technological capabilities such as embedded location-based maps, gesture recognition, and interactive dashboards has propelled the mature digital signage market in the U.S. and the U.K. Simultaneously, it has opened opportunities in emerging regions such as APAC & MEA. Some of the key players operating within the global digital signage market include Adflow Networks, Cisco Systems Inc., Hewlett-Packard Development Company L.P., Broadsign International, Inc., Brightsign LLC, Nec Display Solutions Ltd., Panasonic Corporation, Omnivex Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, LG Display Co. Ltd, Planar Systems, Inc., Sharp Corporation, and Sony Corporation among others.
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