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Making every day count
Making every day count


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Got an older Micro Drone. Just updated to version 3.0 software. Killed it. Nothing works. Anyone got an older copy? My Androids (plural) won't even pick up the drone now.

No luck with the Micro Drone 3 software. Worked fine with a previous version. Anyone got an old copy?

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A powerful thunderstorm moves across Iowa farmland as the sun sets on the first day of Autumn.

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I just used Shazam to discover In The Pines by Leadbelly.

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The Arcanum Photo Critique and Make-Over with +Varina Patel  +Rick Sammon +dave cross and me!  Feb 10, 7 PM PT, 10 PM ET

As we march toward opening the doors to, you're invited to participate in this special event just for our community!
Through participating in this event our community will get a taste of The Arcanum Experience: Learning through constructive critiques, which is just one of the many things that happen inside the hallowed magical doors!

The Arcanum Photo Critique and Make-Over event is a Google+ Hangout On Air, open to the public, scheduled for Monday February 10th at 7pm.

To Participate:
You must submit a single candidate photo by Sunday, February 9th to be considered for the random selection.  You can submit any photo to The Arcanum Google+ page at +The Arcanum .

Since you already applied to The Arcanum - we truly hope you'll submit a photo to be critiqued. If not, no worries at all!   Either way, you can watch the live event! :)

And if you're wondering when the doors will officially open for The Arcanum, the answer is as soon as magically possible!  We're doing a test run right now with all the Masters to work out any kinks.  Also, we are a bit (!!) overloaded with Apprentice applications, so it will take a while to ramp up.  It may be a good opportunity for you to pop over and update your application at !

Thank you!

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use promo code 1111

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Just one question. How does everyone deal with the constant pressing of the shutter button during bracketed shots? 
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