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Rachel and Robbi always dreamed of a Mykonos wedding, especially as Robbi is half Greek and has so many memories made on the island for him and his family. Going back to your roots always seems to something that happens on big special events right?
Rachel and Robbi are a beautiful fun couple who trusted invited me to not only document their big day but to also celebrate with them. For this, I am grateful and humbled by their love and trust. Our rich greek culture set the heartbeat to this Mykonos wedding but we can not ignore

Rachel’s Singaporean connection. They decided to have their wedding in a private villa, something many couples opt for these days. The privacy and relaxed itinerary seems to be what couples are looking for in their destination wedding experience…..oh and the Mediterranean sun of course. Talking of sun sets, we found a very beautiful remote part of the island (the rocks) to end their Mykonos wedding by shooting their couples shoot there. Just check out how awesome they look on the rocks spending a quite time together in that amazing light.

Mykonos weddings always end up being some of my favorite but be prepared for some wind! This is mainly caused by the fact that Mykonos is one of the windiest islands in Greece. That being said, it is a perfect backdrop for any wedding. Logistically, Mykonos is one of the best islands in Greece to plan a wedding on due to it’s attractive nightlife, accessibility and easy roads. however, be prepared to have to do things on ‘Greek time’, but in my opinion, that makes up half of the charm of the islands.
Rachel and Robbi decided to invite all of their friends and family from all over the globe to celebrate their beautiful Mykonos wedding.

I will be continuing my Mykonos adventures next year with several weddings already booked.

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Ester and Kevin traveled land and sea to unite in the South of France to celebrate and have their wedding at Chateau Castellaras. Ester and Kevin, along with their lovely family welcomed me with love and hospitality and I am confident to say I have no made new friends for life. The perfect hues and tones always make any wedding at Chateau Castellaras a perfect visual experience and a joy for me to shoot in. Being a South of France wedding photographer was always a dream for me and I am lucky to have documented a few weddings at this particular chateau. It is what everyone dreams about when thinking of a wedding in a French chateau. Huge stone walls, stunning gardens, a stone terrace to have your wedding breakfast in and beautiful colours vibrating perfectly at sun set.

Ester and Kevin are the sweetest couple who are surrounded by genuine love and support from their friends and loving families. Their humility, style, class and grace comes right through in their story. I especially felt drawn to Esters father, a fellow artist who embraced me BIG Arminian arms…I hope that our paths cross again. Their trust in me and natural approach to things made documenting them easy. I just had to observe and tell it how I saw it. Ester and Kevin will always have a place in my heart and home.

I look forward to documenting the next wedding at Chateau Castellaras and thinking of all the moments we shared together their, especially on the dance floor. So, if you are looking for a personal South of France wedding photographer, we need to talk :)

I just to thank Thomas Dusseune, the BEST DJ in the south of France as well as Rock My Love Events for all of the support and love.

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This all started many many months ago when I received a call from the amazing wedding planners ‘Wanderlust‘ with the news that Namita and Matt were looking for a Destination wedding photographer for their dream wedding. After several emails and some feedback, we touched base on Skype and hit it off straight away.

Namita and Matt explained to me that their dream was to have fun in the South of France with their friends and family who were coming from all over the globe and they needed the right Destination wedding photographer to capture their story. At this point I knew we were a match. Their wedding celebrations took place over 3 days with an amazing Indian themed welcome party, the wedding day and a very chilled out closing brunch.

Their style was sophisticated, elegant and fun. Namita is a pure natural beauty which will only require elegant, simple portraits of her in the most stunning preparation rooms. Matt is a cool cat, lean as an athlete who visually complimented Namita very well. This said, this is all surface talk, when the important things to focus on is their journey and experience.

Wanderlust not only provided us the best support but they also designed the most beautiful looking backdrop for the wedding. Perrine Guyonnet from Missrose created such beautiful floral art as always and her team produced the most stunning floral ceiling.

The following post is of the main wedding day with the Indian wedding soon to follow. Being a Destination wedding photographer can at times have it’s drawbacks but times like this make me remember how lucky I am to follow people around the world and chase their dreams with them. It is not right to not mention the fact that I could not have done anything you see below without the help and support from my brother Yiannis Alefantou from was and has always been by my side second shooting with me for the past several years. Your love and work is just the best.

I would like to wish Namita and Matt all of the very best for their future as Mr and Mrs and thank them again for their trust and hospitality.

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Adam Alex and Ross Tanner workshop in London 2013 do the Harlem Shake.
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