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I know this will only be of interest to a few, but it does seem a good explanation of the system.
24576 cells

Wondering what a map of all the regional cells look like? Mystified by the meaning of the letters and numbers in each cell ID? Here's a world map of (almost) every cell. There are 24576 in all, divided into six equal groups of 4096 cells each. The first two letters in a cell's ID corresponds to the face of a cube surrounding the sphere that is Earth. You can probably guess what they each stand for.

Each pair of letters is then followed by a number from 0 to 15, then an alphabetical designation (Papa, Romeo, Sierra, etc.) of which there are 16, and finally another number from 0 to 15. 6 × 16 ×16 × 16 combinations = 24576, which is the number of cells.

What order are the cells numbered? Look up "Hilbert curve". It looks like the second image attached here. This is why when you look at the neighbouring cells in your scanner, the names seem to be related, but not in a straightforward order.

More info here:
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I'm in AMO3-Juliet-14.
Western Border- just east of Mandeville
Eastern Border- Between Biloxi and Pascagoula
Northern Border- North of Hattiesburg, just south of US 84
Southern Border- Out in the Gulf, so who cares (aside from those New Orleans east, Port Sulphur and Venice)
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+NIA Ops  This is the Saenger theater in Hattiesburg..Built in 1929 as a venue for silent movies. It currently is used as a venue for live theater and has been on the National register of Historic places since 1979. The Saenger Theaters in New Orleans and in Pensacola are both approved portals.

They are located at 201 Forrest Street, Hattiesburg, MS 39401

This was rejected November 21st.
I know it's not the best picture, but I was trying to get the name as clearly as I could.
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We've reviewed your submission and agree that it makes an interesting and historic Portal. This is now live on your playfield. While the original photo isn't ideal, we'd recommend adding more photos, perhaps taken from across the street to capture the full sign. 
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Hasn't been mentioned in over a month, so it bears repeating. The Independence War.
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Firefly was ignominiously killed before it even had a chance. Sadly, Joss Whedon and the rest of the cast have moved on to other ventures. The only way this "verse" will survive is through the dedicated efforts of fans like these. I applaud them. Moreover, I wish I would have known about this film before the kickstarter campaign was over.. I would have been a backer. 
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Want the same health benefits members of Congress get? With Obamacare, you can! Personally, I'm really excited about the idea of a nonprofit negotiating coverage and rates. Support the man that made this possible!
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Not that me posting this will spread it much, but hey..
Here's a bit of awesome with only 22,000 views so far.
It's not the first attempt at continuing the original Star Trek series, but if this teaser is any indication, it may be the best. If this is what we're in for, then I'm there. And +Grant Imahara is Sulu!

h/t +Louis Trapani.
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Just an observation that I've meant to share for a while. On the left is the reconstruction of the face of the mummy in the Louisiana museum of art and science. On the right is Teal'c from Stargate
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Lol. I knew it!
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I didn’t plan it this way, but we have two interviews on back to back days! This one was for Adam Tingle over at, and it focuses mostly on MMOs specifically, as you might expect, with a lot of retrospective stuff. You can read it here:

We talk a bit about the making of Ultima Online, the development travails of SWG, the promise of Metaplace, and even the origins of sandboxy features back in LegendMUD. A snippet:

MMORPG: Do you believe in structuring a players experience, or prefer giving them tools to create a more emergent adventure?

Raph Koster: Both, really. But I strongly believe that you can’t build the emergent tools on top of a static world. As soon as you decide to make storytelling or quests or whatever the basis of your experience, you sacrifice having dynamic and emergent things in the game, because you can’t break or upset all the static content. Whereas if you start with a foundation of simulation or UGC, and layer static stuff on top, that works fine, because the static content is built to assume shifting foundations.

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WIN A FREE Drobo Mini!!!

Our friends over at Drobo  gave us  a FREE Drobo Mini to give away during PhotoPlus Expo!

This is the bad boy Cali and I have been talking about that lets you take Drobo storage and data safety with you on the go!

Here's how to win:

1) Do you have me in a circle? Step 1 complete!
2) Publicly SHARE this post.  THAT'S IT!  You've entered! :-)

And this is international - not just US only! Go for it!

We'll pick winners and announce tomorrow, then add you to a circle and send a public announcement. Keep an eye out for it!


(You can also see more on
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the new activism
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Some aboriginal people believe photographs can steal your soul.
As a citizen of the internet, I know that is pure superstition,
Still, putting my opinions next to my photo and calling it "my avatar" stirs something in me that says "You know those aborigines aren't dummies"
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Very entertaining. There is plenty to learn about insects here. The butterfly room is like a small Japanese garden (except enclosed and filled with butterflies). The Cafe has free samples of insect based snacks (in case you want gross bragging rights. Lumped together with the zoo and the aquarium the insectarium is a great deal. The commenter that mentioned the parakeets was off-- The parakeet room is at the aquarium.
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