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Tom Schreiter
Learning and sharing new ways of getting our message inside people's heads.
Learning and sharing new ways of getting our message inside people's heads.


en years ago the first iPhones sold for $499 for the 4GB and $599 for the 8GB. So with inflation and the extra features and power, today's iPhones are a bargain. Many people will pay $1,000 - $1,500 for their iPhones. And, they won't hesitate because they WANT a new iPhone.

In comparison, this makes our products, services, and opportunity to be in business look very inexpensive. But if we do a poor job of describing what we have to offer, then people won't have that same level of WANT.

Ultimately, price matters very little. It is the value or WANT that motivates our prospects.

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"Motivation gets you started, habits get you there." Jim Ryan - famous runner.

"I am just getting started. Which book should I read first?"

And the answer is to read the book you need to move you ahead. But for most new distributors, they don't know about the "3 Habits" and how they make success more automatic.

So this is the book I recommend to them:

Want to make it easier for prospects to join our business? Want some ideas?
How about:
1. Offer a free car wash during the opportunity meeting.
2. Offer a pre-meeting audio about our business. Now our prospects can preview our opportunity before committing to a two-hour meeting.
3. Provide babysitting services during the opportunity meeting.
4. Offer a one-week sample of our product before our prospect attends our meeting. Familiarity with our product makes the presentation easier for our prospect to understand.
5. Have our opportunity meeting over the telephone or by webinar instead of forcing the family to find a babysitter before driving to a hotel opportunity meeting.
6. Offer food during our meeting.
7. Start our opportunity meeting at 5:30 PM in our local city. Our prospects have day jobs. They can attend our meeting before going home, and they won't have to make a return trip into the city. Our prospects could attend our meeting and still be home by 7 PM to enjoy an evening with the family. Maybe they will even miss the rush hour traffic!
8. Have an opportunity meeting and dinner combination event. Our prospects could listen to our presentation and then ask questions during their meal. It is a lot easier to invite prospects to a business dinner then to an opportunity meeting.

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Cats can leap several times their height. Watch this ten-second video to see what happens when we don't make a 100% commitment to our goals.

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Want to see the sleaziest closer in network marketing?

Read the short story of Sleaze Shallowman :)

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25 years ago we thought the conscious mind had something to do with our decision-making. We believed this for centuries.

Well, turns out we were wrong. The subconscious mind pretty much does the decisions for us.

We are just finding this out and adjusting from centuries of flawed assumptions. But a few simple brain wave tests, some simple observation and the proof that is staring us in the face ... and we have to change.

We don't like change. We like staying with our old beliefs.

So #1, most people don't know about how decisions are made. They can't change.

#2. Those that know how decisions are made, don't want to change. Human nature.

#3. Those that leave their fantasy world, stop believing in the Easter Bunny, take their heads out of the sand, and admit that our past assumptions were wrong ... well, we have a chance to do a lot better.

It took a long time for people to admit the world isn't flat :)

It is hard to change, but the reward is we can be more genuine and polite with our prospects when we know the decision has already been made waaaaay before the presentation.

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More good news ... just got the audio approved by Amazon and Audible.


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Free this weekend. Download this book and read exactly what to say at the close of our speeches and presentations so our prospects take action.

Take action? Yes. Is that why we are talking to them? :)

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Yeah! Finally done.

The Spanish version of "Retail Sales For Network Marketers."

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