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Bayside graduate from 2004, Ashley McGrath, is a physically disabled woman with a genetic disorder, who must remain in her wheelchair at all times. Long story short, she graduated Bayside 2004, went on to BCC, then UCF, and received a Master’s degree. She has written an autobiography, and it has just been published; title is UnabASHed by Disability.

She is having a book signing at the DeGroodt Public Library in Palm Bay, next Thursday evening, October 23, from 6 – 7:30 p.m., and her book will be available for purchase there or is currently available on Amazon.

Our daughter, Angelique, recently completed a 3-week intensive program at Ability Plus Therapy. We are thrilled with the progress she made over this time. She met or exceeded all of our expectations prior to the start of this therapy program. She went from not using her walker at all, to now using it almost every day for longer and longer periods with each use. Our daughter gained greater strength, muscular endurance, increased range of motion and a better sense of body awareness. Her therapist,Roberta, was great to work with from the start; she quickly developed great rapport with our daughter and was able to really get her engaged and excited about the sessions. Most days she did not want to leave and that was even after 4 hours of intense work! All of the staff was friendly, helpful and a pleasure to interact with. It was great to get our daughter into the summer session and we are looking to do it again next year to continue to build upon the success that we achieved thus far!

Loved talking to a parent this morning that sees the major improvements in her child since coming to Ability Plus Therapy. So excited about the BIG differences in children's lives that our therapist make at Ability Plus Therapy! Like us on FaceBook and tell us what differences we have made in your child.
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