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The one star is for their one good point: If you want a used Japanese car (Subaru, Mazda, Honda, etc.), they have a good variety. While I did end up getting a good car for a good price, the actual experience was HORRIBLE. They have an inane policy that you cannot take the car to an independent mechanic to get it checked over. The guy said "they will be looking for problems..." Well, yeah, that's the whole point! I need to know if there is something wrong with the car, so I can figure out if it's worth it or not. And he had the nerve to ask me, "Do you trust me?" Uh, NO! I mean, HELL, NO!! He's a used car saleman trying to put food on his table. Maybe he's a god guy, but I don't know him from Adam. What I trust is an independent mechanic with no interest in whether or not I purchase the car. MY SUGGESTION: Pick out a mechanic first. Then take the car there on your first test drive. But don't tell them what you are doing!
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