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Musings of an Urban Christian
Musings of an Urban Christian

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4th and Final
Some of you know this already, but Amy and I want to publicly announce
that we are in the home stretch of a fourth (and final!) adoption.  It's
a girl (race: African-American) and we are naming her Jordan.  She is
due to come into the world around May 1,...

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Too Short for a Blog Post, Too Long for a Tweet LXV
Here's an excerpt from a book I recently read, "The Chicago School: How the University of Chicago Assembled the Thinkers Who Revolutionized Economics and Business," by Johan Van Overtveldt: Five characteristics form what will be referred to here as the "Chi...

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Our little rooster is now 12 and on the brink of teenage girl status.  Hooray and oh no!

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Too Short for a Blog Post, Too Long for a Tweet LXIV
Here's an excerpt from an article I recently read , "In the war between millennials and baby boomers we have forgotten about the work-hard, play-hard Generation X": Generation X is unique because nobody has had lives like we’ve got.
Boomers were old by the...

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Lazy Linking, 180th in an Occasional Series
Stuff I liked lately on the Internets: 180.1 A conservative's plan for climate action @nytimes
@gregmankiw 180.2 Find out what the income
distribution of your alma mater's student body is @upshotnyt 180.3 How much light costs...

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Jada Party
Last year Jada's ice skating party was in the single digits.  Yesterday it was pushing 60.  A good day to have fun on the wet ice and to gorge on ice cream.  The River Rink at Penn's Landing was a fun setting for Jada and her pals to pal around.  I played c...

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2nd Marking Period
Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend Aaron and Jada's parent teacher conferences, to pick up their report cards and find out what was going on in the classroom.  I was out of town for the first marking period so this was my first contact so far...

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The Obligation and Privilege of Seeing Both Sides
You know I am a "on the one hand, on the other hand" sort of a guy.  That when everyone is arguing for something, my inclination is to take a step back and see if there isn't any validity for the opposite perspective.  And that I value greatly that all side...

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Adoption as a Metaphor for Our Fear and Embrace of the Other
If there is anything that is dominating our national discourse nowadays, it is our reaction to "the other."  Many in our country think of "the other" in negative terms, concerned about implications for already unfavorable labor markets, already strained pub...

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23 and Us
Being adopted often means not knowing where you came from, in terms of family lineage and health vulnerabilities. Amy and I would benefit from knowing what medical issues to keep an eye out for, while the kids are curious about the countries and peoples the...
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