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Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy ... 100% dedicated to you.
Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy ... 100% dedicated to you.


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Imagine being able to put Anxiety into the past with a 3 minute exercise. Over half of my clients are seeing me for anxiety relief. It seems as though the scourge of society today is anxiety/panic attacks. And yes depression or the symptoms of depression are there as well but I want to focus on the impact that anxiety has on people everyday. I have taught hundreds of clients how to control and alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and panic attack and I'd like to share one technique with you now.

Click here for a link to iTunes ( or Spotify ( This will take you to a Self Hypnosis MP3 link where you can either download or stream.

Anxiety is affecting more and more people every day but it doesn't have to be that way. Anxiety is NOT a part of the conscious mind. It resides in the unconscious mind. The most common symptoms that someone experiencing anxiety or panic are:

1.Tightening of the chest muscles leading to shortness of breath and heart palpitations,
2. Sweaty palms,
3. A rolling or uncomfortable feeling in the stomach ... sometimes nausea,
4. Tightening of the neck and shoulder muscles leading to having a light head or tension headaches.

If you want to have control rather than being out of control, I’ll walk you through the steps.

1. Close your eyes and allow yourself to focus on the anxious feeling. Where in your body is it located? Now focus on (or observe) where the feeling of fear or anxiety starts.
2. Imagine that there is a wheel spinning in the location of that feeling. eg chest, stomach. The wheel could be metal, wood, plastic or whatever you imagine it to be. And see or be aware of how it moves, and how it spins.
3. Increase that spinning feeling, getting faster and faster ... now see that you have the ability to take it out of your body so that it is now spinning in front of you.
4.Then count to 3 and flip it upside down so that it is spinning in a different direction, then change its colour to a calming colour (your choice), keep the spinning going faster and faster then imagine pulling this spinning wheel back into your body keeping the spinning going in this new direction.
5.Now as if you were applying a handbrake, slow the spinning down to a leisurely pace … and notice that your breathing … and heart beat has slowed as well. And just before the wheel stops you can open your eyes.

As you bring your focus to your breathing ... be aware of what you are now feeling.

If anxiety is an unwanted element of your day, you can put it into the past with effective Hypnotherapy. Give hypnosis a go. It might be one of better decisions. For more information on Stress and Anxiety check out the link below or contact me.
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Overcome the fear of dogs with hypnosis.

I had a female client earlier this year who had experienced an unexplained fear of dogs for as long as she could remember. And she is now in her early 50s so we can safely assume that this fear has been for 50+ years. This fear has had a negative impact on most days of her life. If a small dog secured on a leash was being walked, she would have to step out onto the road just to get past.

She would break into sweats and have heart palpitations … two classic anxiety symptoms.

One session of hypnotherapy was all she needed. And what an interesting session it was. I take the view that I don’t have the answers, and the client’s conscious mind doesn’t have the answers. However I was confident that her unconscious mind did have the answers.

Was the dog smiling or growling?

During hypnosis I noticed a moment where tears were running down the client’s face followed by a smile and a laugh. It wasn’t until after the session when I asked the client if she was prepared to share what she was experiencing that we had the ‘aha’ moment. She said a memory flashed back that she had long forgotten (or had safely filed it away). She said that she must have been 3 years of age and she was trying to feed a dog through the fence. It was showing its teeth and she thought it was smiling at her, so she persevered. It wasn’t until her mother came around the corner and screamed at her that she jumped in fright. We can only assume that at this point her unconscious mind has taken a screen shot of the growling dog, attached the fear of her mother’s scream, and bingo … we have etched into the mind a fear of dogs.

So what happened? Her unconscious mind realised that it had received the wrong message all those years ago. Now it had the correct message and the healing (or rewiring) can begin. The client sent me a photo a couple of weeks later of her holding her sister’s cocker spaniel. It was the first time in her 50+ years of life that she had the simple pleasure of holding and cuddling a dog.

I love the work we do.

If you are living with the debilitations of a fear, consider the immediate benefits of hypnotherapy at Cameron Hypnotics at The Junction. Contact me to discuss.
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Freedom from Fear of Flying! New self-hypnosis MP3 from Cameron Hypnotics.
Do you have a fear of FLYING?

Does the thought of getting into a plane make you anxious?

Have you postponed holiday plans because of an irrational fear of flying?

The common symptoms people might experience are :

Cold sweats,
heart palpitations,
tightness in the chest,
butterflies in the stomach,
panic and stress,
clammy palms, and
Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs).

Book your flight now. Freedom from Fear of Flying is now available on iTunes, Spotify and other leading online stores.
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Letting Go! A new Self-Hypnosis MP3 from Cameron Hypnotics.

Do you need to let go? An emotional struggle? An issue from the past that continues to hold you back? We all go through stages in life where something holds us back. We know we need to let go but it's not always easy. My latest self-hypnosis track "Letting Go" is designed to help you let go and regain control. Available now on iTunes, Spotify and other major online stores.
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Hypnotherapy eliminates Comfort Eating.

I had a female client seeing for Weight Release. She was a classic comfort eater. I have a question on my Weight Release Questionnaire where I ask the client if they have any problem relationships in their life. She answered ‘husband’. When I asked for more information she said “we are not on the same page … in fact we are not in the same book … I would go as far as saying the books aren’t in the same library … in fact those libraries are on different planets.”

I suppose the simple answer to that question would have been a ‘yes’.

It is interesting to find how many clients who have issues with out of control comfort eating are also experiencing strained relationships with a loved one (or maybe a not so loveable loved one). So my first step is to empower the individual so that we can heal the past, to create a positive new future where they are in control … not out of control.

If this is you … then contact Brett at Cameron Hypnotics to start your change process. 0403 335751
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Pay for your Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in 16 days of not smoking ... if you are smoking 20 cigarettes a day (average price makes that $22 per day) ... then on the 16th day of being a non smoker you have paid for the $350 Stop Smoking program at Cameron Hypnotics. It is as easy as that.

And then you can save $8,030 this year and every year after. And that doesn't include the 12.5% price increase that is coming in September.

You do the sums. Call me now to start your new clean healthy breathing patterns ... 0403 335751
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I love Autumn. Cooler nights and pleasant days. The change of colour in deciduous trees, before leaves let go. It is a good time to observe nature and perhaps reflect on our own changes; and ask what is it that you would like to "let go".

If now is the time to implement changes of your own, consider how hypnotherapy could be the missing tool in your toolkit.

Check out my website for more information.
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Mindful Running and Walking:

Imagine if the practice of mindful walking could greatly improve the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease!

Imagine if someone who experiences shin splints could enjoy a good jog without any shin pain, by practicing mindful running!

I was intrigued reading Norman Doidge’s The Brain’s Way of Healing as he described the progress of John Pepper, a South African long term Parkinson’s (PD) sufferer who had retrained himself to walk without the PD gait or shuffle. PD is often defined as an “incurable, chronic, progressive neurodegenerative disorder.” But instead of degenerating, John Pepper had managed to reverse the major symptoms; the ones that lead to immobility. He had developed his own walking program of intense concentration.

John Pepper wrote in 2008 that he “has learned to use my conscious brain to control the movements, which are normally controlled by the sub-conscious brain.” And if we practice something often enough, repeating the new processes, there are distinct neurological changes whereby new synapses fire off, creating new neurological pathways.

Is this mindful walking? I recommend to my clients who are living with the symptoms of stress and anxiety to practice mindful walking. Mindful walking could be:

1. Hold your stomach muscles in while walking.
2. Notice your gait … observe your hip flexors as you walk.
3. Are you working your glutes? Your buttocks?
4. Breathe into your diaphragm. (engages the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn restores the body to calm)
5. Observe your footfall. Is there is a rhythm in your stride or are you slamming your feet down. Find your natural rhythm.

Mindful running? I was told of a young man who had experienced the discomfort of shin splints for the past 10 years. Whenever he plays football or another sport he would finish the game in pain. Yet he has discovered that by being mindful when jogging, he can cool down at the end without the old discomfort. So what is his secret? He spends a lot of time before his jog stretching his glutes and hip flexors … and when running he is mindful of what his hips and upper leg muscles are doing. If the hips are moving in a natural rhythm then he can focus on his footfall. Running can be meditative.

I’d be interested to hear what mindful techniques you are using when walking or running.

And if stress and anxiety relief is on your list you might also consider hypnotherapy at Cameron Hypnotics at The Junction ... 5 minutes from Newcastle CBD.

Call Brett now on 0403 335751
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Why is Mindfulness so popular?

Because as a society we are more stressed and anxious than ever before. People are reporting increased stress:

• At home dealing with family and partner relationships,
• At work: relationship stress, deadline stress, travel stress
• Fear of redundancy or job security.
• With financial stress,
• Performance stress,
• And importantly leading to emotional stress.

A recent Australian Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) study (see link below) analysed how the growth of social media has lead to an increase in the occurrence of social anxiety.

12% of Australians report keeping up with social media networks is a source of stress.

And yet 51% of respondents indicate that they are using social media to manage their stress.

In another study of people living with severe stress, 61% have sought alcohol for relief, 41% are gambling, 40% smoke and 31% take recreational drugs to manage stress.

So why are people reaching for mindfulness?

When we consider that in the US, the sales of anti-depressants had grown by 400% from 1985 to 2005. A report in 2008 indicated that 23% of American women in their 40s and 50s were taking anti-depressants.

As a therapist, I am finding increasingly that the clients who are seeking Mindfulness as a panacea have reached a stage where they are sick of medication. They are sick of seeing a glass of wine or beer as the answer. They are sick of being out of control.

Mindfulness is an empowering process whereby you gain back the control. You become in control … not out of control.

The immediate benefits from Mindfulness are:

1. Being calm and less stressed.
2. Being focussed.
3. Being energised.
4. Being more productive and resourceful
5. Feeling healthier.
6. Having more meaningful communication.
7. Feeling happier

To start your journey of Mindful change, contact Brett now at to re-imagineer your future.

Your body and spirit will be thankful. And probably your family and work colleagues as well.
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