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How to get the new fb profile.. :)

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The truth.. which is a media company Google or Yahoo??
The tale of two media companies: Google and Yahoo (or Facebook and Yahoo)

Both Yahoo and Google call themselves media companies. There is a HUGE difference between the two, which is why I'm here and not on Yahoo.

What is it?

On Yahoo you have to go TO the media. On Google+ the media comes to you.

I've been talking to a lot of people about why Google+ is an identity system. +Kathy Gill is very disappointed in what she terms "bait and switch." She thinks Google sold her a social network and delivered an identity system instead.

I think she hasn't really thought it out. By knowing more about who you are (your politics, your religion, your musical tastes, your hobbies, your health, your family, your friends, your favorite brands, your games, your food tastes, your location, your books, your stocks, etc) Google can deliver the content right to you.

Think about this guy who was sleeping on the lawn of the Austin City Limits music festival. Look at what he's holding: a Blackberry.

If he was in the Yahoo model he would have to wake up and start typing URLs.

In the Google model the phone will buzz when something important TO HIM happens and the media will be on his screen.

Maybe his girlfriend just got in an accident. Maybe his stocks just went down. Maybe his favorite band is about to play and he better wake up and walk to the next field. Maybe his servers are down and need attention. Maybe his favorite sports team just got into the playoffs so he better wake up and figure out how to buy tickets. And on and on and on.

Google will wake him up. Yahoo won't.

And that's why we're all here on Google+ (and Facebook).

I'm off to see +Doug Ludlow CEO of Hipster to talk more about this new world.

Now you know why Facebook and Google are the future of Silicon Valley and Yahoo is the past.

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What is the BIG thing Facebook is planning..??

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This is something interesting.. :)

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Ahem.. why not "JUST DO IT".. ;)
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...

THE ANTI-FACEBOOK MOVEMENT - Liberate Your Data and Inform Your Friends - Join The Revolution! QUIT FACEBOOK TODAY! Remove those prehistoric-shackles of social-networking infancy and make the switch over to Google+ permanently. -

Over the course of the past couple of days, Facebook has made a number of unsatisfying user-interface modifications that's causing uproar amongst the majority of its 750 million users. From stalker-like subscription buttons, to merged news-feeds, from suggested friend-lists, to creepy real-time friend updates, Facebook users are revoluting in their THOUSANDS against the latest changes in hope of making themselves HEARD...

With Facebook's privacy and security concerns already flourishing amongst the minds of its dedicated users, and the growing number of Facebook-centric phishing scams loitering the service, user-confidence and moral is at an all time low. - These changes couldn't have come at a worse time for Facebook. -- Especially when Google+ has only just opened to the public. --- What were they thinking?

I feel that the end is near. Facebook is the new Myspace and there's nothing they can do about it. These unsatisfying changes will soon be the death of the once ol' mighty Facebook. Why fix something that's not broke? Surely they're up to no good?

The only thing we can do to make ourselves heard is to stand up and unite for the greater good of the internet. We will not accept these changes. We will not tolerate them. They are unacceptable. - Facebook; your reign of social-networking supremacy is soon to be over... You should have listened to your loyal-users (or at least asked us in the first place).

Without us, Facebook is no more. Without you (its loyal user) Facebook will soon perish. Stock prices will plumit and investors will back out. Facebook will cease to exist. - If we leave Facebook and invite our friends to Google+, the demise of Facebook will soon be a reality.

Google+ is here, Google+ is the future. - Get used to it. Unite against the usage of Facebook and never look back. Let this movement go down in history as the movement that brought Facebook to its knees.

Join me and thousands of others in rebellion against Facebook. - It's simple. - Just don't use their service and never look back! <-- Like this page and invite your friends!

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The new Facebook :)

Concerning Facebook:
I think Google+ and Twitter just had a child out of wedlock...
DNA testing has not been confirmed yet, but there is also a chance Tumblr could be the father
From +Dillon Rhodes

Would like your views for a blog post. Anyone likes the new FB improvements..?? What say guys..?? +Shoubhik Bose +Mari Smith +Mandee Widrick +Mike Baltus +Mike Acton +Mike Martoccia +Brandy Middaugh +Brandy Middaugh +Roke Noir +Yusuf Chowdhury +Urmi Sanghvi +Utsav Sarkar +Şira Nur Uysal +Ufuk Sepin-Curtis +ARITRA KUNDU +Arun Lobo and all the rest whom i couldn't remember..??
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