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Glassblower Kelly Lowe - Glass Art, Awards and More
Glassblower Kelly Lowe - Glass Art, Awards and More

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'ello folks. I just thought I'd toss up a link to my kritters category on my online store, hopefully just to give you a smile on this dreary, dreary December day. These guys are a blast to make... still brainstorming the next one!

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Hand Sculpted Glass Angels

I've been making these angels for almost as long as I've been a glassblower, and they've always been one of my most popular and favourite pieces. The crown features 23k gold leaf mixed throughout the glass, while the wings are made of coloured and textured glass. The body is solid, making these angels freestanding and quite sturdy. The average angel stands 12cm tall (4.75 inches), though with their being fully handmade without the use of molds there is some slight variations in height and appearance. It's what makes each piece one of a kind, so I think it's worth it!

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Well folks, tomorrow's December and you know what that means: time to get off our duffs and get moving with the Christmas shopping. Or, stay on your duff and check out my ornaments section of my new online shop!

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Wine Stoppers

I've finished putting up my wine stoppers on my new online store, and I kind of like the way it worked out. The stoppers are food grade steel bases with hand sculpted glass tops, and will last for years and years. A nice Christmas Gift, or a fantastic midnight topper for New Year's Eve. 

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A Lump of Coal

Got somebody on your list who has been kinda naughty this year? The do as Santa does, and smack 'em with a piece of coal this holiday season... except in this case the coal is a solid piece of hand sculpted glass, with a clear polished "viewing port" on the underside that looks up into the clear glass within.

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Tonnes of Handmade Ornaments

I've been working hard the last few weeks making ornaments for people's holiday celebrations. This little guy I've made for a while now, he's a fully hand sculpted glass bee which hangs from a glass loop attached to his back. There's also Queen Bees (has a crown) and Gentleman Bees (have tophats, naturally) for those who like their bees a little bit more "upper crust". This is just one of the ornaments I'm offering for this holiday season. 

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I now have my very own online store

It's been a long time coming, but my new extra-special-and-smells-like-lilacs online store is open, and ready for pokin' around in. The goal of this store is to sell the same sort of pieces I've been offering in my Artfire store for the last year: pieces small or light enough to make shipping them both feasible and not outrageously expensive.

As of today, I've put mostly holiday based items up: ornaments, angels, wine stoppers, and other things that can either add to your own season or would make a great gift. I'm listing the rest of my studio at a pace of roughly a new piece per day, so eventually it'll be all up there and in the meantime there's new things to see all the time.

So please, poke around, let me know if you find any typos if you wouldn't mind, and hopefully enjoy it!

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New Studio News (Blog) Post

So what began as a post focused on getting people thinking of glass art for Valentine's Day became a year end wrap up post. It's funny how it sometimes works that way: your mind has one idea, but when it comes to typing your fingers have the final say as to what comes out.

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I made the Hamilton Spectator, my local newspaper and one of Canada's largest newspapers with a readership of over half a million. Also, they included a picture of me, which... well, I guess it's not that bad! Thanks to the Spectator for their article.

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Just a reminder for those who are interested: The short film I made with Cineplex Entertainment opened on the 1st of this month. The film, which features me demonstrating how I make a traditional hand blown ornament, is being played throughout December before all G and PG rated feature films in all Cineplex theaters. The link below takes you to my blog/news sections, which has more information. If you do see it, I hope you enjoy it!
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