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Sam Cridlin
Photographer with a love for Walt Disney World.
Photographer with a love for Walt Disney World.

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+Sergey Brin  

I just heard a very troubling thing -- Google has joined ALEC, an organization that tries to pass bills that would oppose fracking disclosure, require public schools to teach climate denial, make reporting animal abuse a crime, and attack our voting rights.

Google should know better! I signed a petition demanding they quit ALEC at once. Will you join me?

Check it out here:    

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The internet exists DESPITE big tcom companies. Universities began connecting to share supercomputer and document access. If Comcast, Verizon, et al can not be liable for what content they carry, then they should not be allowed to discriminate or promote certain content. They already get paid for bandwidth at both ends. 

If they want to be legally treated as dumb pipes, then they need to act as dumb pipes. Charge for bandwidth, not content or business type!

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Comcast, Verizon, et al want your internet bill to be like a cable bill: extra to connect to G+, Google Docs, or your work VPN. The tcom industry is spending $1 Million US per DAY lobbying to kill net neutrality. Be louder than that quid pro quo! Publicity is the only thing that can make these companies do right by their customers before they bend over for the big shareholders. They always screw the small shareholders no matter what.

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So, guess who just became an official Ball State University Card today! Early admittance! So very proud!
Great achievement +Julianne Cridlin!

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If you have a problem with this I have to tell you that you will be on the wrong side of history - just like the racists and the patently unconstitutional racial purity laws. This is a pure equal protection issue - taxes and end of life issues are just part of the problem. Plus, you know, love.

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Please note that the coolest Mays, a hundred years ago, were about 0.5 C° below average and that we've been >0.5 C° above average for about the last decade.

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Had a great afternoon with +Julianne Cridlin at +Eiteljorg Museum . This part of Indianapolis is the best place to recharge and get inspired.
2014 Eiteljorg Museum
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After watching this, you will have no choice but to watch the previous 3 seasons. This is what Broadway stars do for fun. #SubOnly3 +SubmissionsOnlyTV 

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If net neutrality falls, then your internet bill will look like your cable bill with lots of added expense websites. Like your bank, or hulu, or Facebook. Sign this.

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Now some bands think non commercial use is an acceptable defense for copyright infringement. Of course non-commercial use of a song is still wrong. I would suggest +Red Jumpsuit Apparatus get no more photographs made of them for the next few months.

I know I have never heard of them before this. Is this how they want to talked about on the internet?
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