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A #LEGO #Amiga project needs support, please vote for it and share.

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Episode 110 - The Amiga Bonanza
The UK's number 1 retro gaming podcast returns with a special "Commodore Amiga" focused episode! Hosts Steve, Matt & Sam take a look back at their favorite 16 bit computer and the games that made the system so special as it reaches it's 30th birthday.

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10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Google+ Master

#G+ #googleplustips #Social_Network #socialmedia  

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​15 #GooglePlus Tricks You Might Not Know About!

#Google+ #Social_Media #Social_Network  

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North Korea's Kim Jong Un Reinstates Traditional Female Pleasure Squads 'To Demonstrate His Sexual Power'

By +Sara Nelson 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is reportedly reinstating a “pleasure squad” of young women to entertain him – in a tradition said to have been started by his late father.

The news was broken by South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper, which claims a former group was disbanded after the death of Kim Jong Il in 2011.

It writes the women, who used to work at Kim Jong Il’s summer villas, are currently undergoing security training at a hotel in Pyongyang.

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The Battle of Facebook and Google+

[INFOGRAPHIC] - a bit old but some things still stand.

"Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about the competition between Facebook and Google+, so we thought we would lay all the facts out on the table.

With over 350 million active users, Google+ surpassed Twitter and is coming in at second place behind Facebook. Who will come out on top? And most importantly, which network is the most beneficial to your brand?

Both networks excel when it comes to building communities and encouraging engagement, but in very different ways.

Facebook is best for fostering personal relationships with friends and family.
On the other hand, Google+ excels at fueling common interests and finding intellectual matches, (since its audience is very technically oriented).

Google+ is all about connecting and networking with individuals you do not already know, while Facebook’s primary focus is re-connecting with the past.

- If your goal is to deliver information, spark discovery, and foster conversation Google+ is your go-to network, (especially for B2B purposes)."

Click through to read more and see the full infographic:

#Googleplus #Facebook #SocialMedia

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AMIStore: Warp3D RadeonHD Southern Islands

New 3D Drivers for AmigaOS 4.1
Warp3D for Southern Islands Graphics Cards

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to announce that the first release candidate of RadeonHD Southern Islands Warp3D driver is now available to purchase and download from AMIStore App Store. 

Following our acquisition of the joint ownership of Warp3D, to complement our ongoing work with the driver for the Evergreen RadeonHD graphics card series, we commissioned AmigaOS graphics specialist Hans de Ruiter to create a Warp3D driver for the newer Southern Islands chipsets.
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