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Brandon “SavageGM” Goeringer
Game Designer and Writer for The Mutant Epoch RPG. Creator of Pocket Fantasy RPG.
Game Designer and Writer for The Mutant Epoch RPG. Creator of Pocket Fantasy RPG.

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When you get the spread shot in Contra.

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Should be asleep but watching this instead. I'm an idiot. 

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For your next Werewolf: The Apocalypse session. No need to thank me. 

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[Prize Giveaway #1!] Well, we've topped 500 Members, so I'd like to give away a few prizes! Here's what's on deck:

1 hardcover color copy of WWII: Operation WhiteBox + PDF
2 softcover B&W copies of WWII: Operation WhiteBox + PDF
3 softcover color copies of OWB: Allied Missions #1 + PDF
4 PDF copies of OWB: Tactical Combat
5 people will win a PDF copy of any support mission of their choice

That's 15 prizes. Hopefully we'll have at least 15 people enter!

Bonus: Anyone who enters will receive at least one (1) promotional item (stickers, bookmarks, etc.) for WWII: Operation WhiteBox.

How to Enter
Respond to this thread before Sunday 7/23 with:
1. Favorite Character Class to play
2. Favorite military branch or unit to play
3. Favorite Front or Theater to play
4. Favorite WWII film
5. Future product or type of product you'd like to see for WWII: Operation WhiteBox

How to Win
I will determine the winners for each prize randomly using a dice roller on Roll20. (witnessed by +Brandon Goeringer and/or +Kelly Davis if they're available). Winners will be announced next week and directed to contact me privately via G+ with their address.

Thanks for your continued support and good luck!

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Hahaha the Emmys are hot garbage. 

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Hey +Stuart Robertson​ it's award season coming up! 

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Good Game of Thrones last night, several characters revealed themselves to be aliens.

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Current flick, It's Alive! (1969).
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