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Every 6 months or so, I like to:
1) buy an Xbox One game
2) download a 2GB OS update
3) take a half hour or so to "install" the game from disk
4) download a 9GB update for this brand new game
5) find something else to do while that update is happening which will inevitably include going to sleep for the night
6) realize the download didn't complete
7) resume the download
8) ... drink heavily?
9) appreciate that Microsoft now treats their gaming users with the same distain as their OS users.
10) play said game

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Because of their very nature "food replacements" must be made out of something that isn't food...

I guess lead and cadmium is preferable to people.


How many Krakens would it take before you would consider the situation to be a "Kraken infestation"?

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Sitting at #blackabbeybrewing listening to two 60+ year olds talking about lossless compression.

Only in #nashville.

My eyeballs smell delicious to gnats. Thanks evolution!

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A different perspective on the Tomato Art Fest in East Nashville.

#tomatoart #aerialphotography #drone #nashville
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Charles Robert Bone, Nashville Mayoral hopeful left trash in my yard. I don't know anything about his politics, but he or those who hand out his signs could have enough respect to ask first.


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The OP has comments disabled... because the obvious post would look like:

"Congratulations Chris Evans, but I watch(ed) Top Gear for Jeremy, Richard, and James."
Big news! The BBC has announced that Chris Evans will front an all new line-up for the next series of Top Gear. All the details at the link

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Do what you love. Love what you do. Love where you do it.

#nashville   #androiddev  
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