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Anyone know how Google Drive works? Is it a one top-level directory, like DropBox? If so, can it be accessed by multiple Google Docs accounts (I have about 10, including at least 3 that don't play well with each other).

"The 318 files that you own and the 263 files that have been shared with you  will now be available in Drive."

Oh, criminy. Let's hope I can find things. And, no, I don't want to store those locally until I'm sure Google Docs really plays well with Word/Excel. DropBox is just fine, thank you.

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A highlight of our last trip to DC

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Here's the NC Women Matter newsletter with suggestions on writing letters to the editor of the N&O on topics affecting women's lives.

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My current top problem with Google Apps "groups" not talking to Google Groups "groups". Anyone else seeing this?

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Still trying to diagnose some problems with sending to a Google Apps "group" which is just a forward to a Google Groups address. This may not be the same problem, but seems to be a cogent discussion of a similar one.

Anyone else completely underwhelmed with the "new" Google groups?

The management system has serious flaws:

- No way to see the addresses that have been "invited"
- While apparently the "add member" functionality has been returned, it doesn't work.
- There's no way to export the list of members
- I tried to see if the "old" Google groups search of the member list had been improved (it only returns a result if the search string is at the beginning of the email address or nickname), but it, too is missing

Good news: there seems to be a fairly robust comment/error reporting system. For instance when you switch back to the "old" format, there's a link to say why you're doing that.

Anyone have insight into the release date for Mailman 3? Or what else are you using for discussion groups?

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In my monthly attempt to figure out what this is good for, I did go look at what Robert Scoble is talking about. He mentioned (tongue in cheek) that everyone else should leave G+ so that his posts would rise to the top of search results.

Google search's preference for G+ posts was driven home to me earlier in the week when my search for "dev con raleigh" had Birgit's post about next weekend's NC DevCon 2011 as the third post. [It's now #1 (!) for "devcon raleigh".]

But does that help? or just show that there's an incredibly small amount of content posted here so that the extra points do help when something happens to match?
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