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Interface, Type Designer

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One of my favorite apps, now with more Material among other things.

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One of my favorite OSX apps, now on Android. Hat tip to the Android Studio team.

Bullet Control

I hate bullet points. They say, “Watch out, this is so boring even the author doesn’t think you’ll want to read it.” Brevity is great. Bold, crisp statements are preferred. But bullet points mean death by boredom.

If you absolutely have to use them, Word addict and PowerPoint junkie that you are, here are two rules from a typesetter to minimize the damage: 

First, bulleted statements should be parallel in structure. They need to relate to each other, both grammatically and with their physical shape on the page. You are using bullets to clarify the structure, right? Don’t mess it up with snarly, random sized word hairballs.

Second, never inflict a second level of bullets on your readers. They are fine if you are writing an outline, but don’t ask someone else to decode them. If bullets can show a lack of confidence, the second level says that the author doesn’t care at all. “Here’s my brain dump. I haven’t really figured it out yet, but here you go!” Readers will check out before they read past the first dot.

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The value of margins.

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A new cut of Roboto

One of the key principles in #materialdesign is One adaptive design, or that a single underlying design system organizes interaction and space across devices. And since type plays such a crucial role in cross-platform design, we’ve extensively refined Roboto, a UI-focused typeface we introduced with Android 4.0, to make sure it looks great across a wider set of platforms.

The new version of Roboto is slightly wider and rounder, giving it greater clarity and making it more optimistic. We calmed down some of the more unruly characters like ‘K’ and ‘R’ and rounded out the squarish sides on the caps, along with the dots in the punctuation and the diacritical marks. We reworked all the italics with better optical correction to the diagonal strokes so the stem widths are the same. We also completely redrew the numbers.

We ended up polishing and tuning nearly every single glyph in Roboto and Roboto Condensed, along with spacing and metrics. The result is a more versatile typeface that looks great on any screen, from the smallest wearables to the largest TVs.

Download the new Roboto:

For more on the new typeface, watch +Christian Robertson, Roboto's lead designer, introduce it at #io14Google I/O 2014 - Material design: Visual style and imagery


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These are amazing. You have to see the color in person to appreciate just how bright the red is.
Just in time for Valentine's Day: Nexus 5 now in bright red on Google Play:

What do you heart? We want to know about the people, places, pursuits and even pets that matter to you. Upload a picture of something you heart, and we'll reward the most impassioned entries with Nexus prizes: #iheartred

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Failed attempt at the divergence-free Hodge decomposition on a vector field around a number 2.

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Fun with color transforms.
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Glyph reshaper algorithm wasn't converging, but failing in the coolest ways.
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