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I need some help with the anatomy of the P&T Contact Form - I'm just having a hard time making this work.  I'll preface this by saying I'm no PHP wizard.  I typically use plugins for things like contact forms and it's been a long time since I've built one using straight PHP.

What I don't understand is that not all the fields seem to be making it.  All I'm getting is the message field and that's it.

I'm using the literal example code from the git example here: the one right below "usage".

You can see the fields here on this test site:  All the fields are there, and the redirect works, I just dont get any of the fields to show up in the email, and I can't seem to add any of my own fields either.

Any tips?
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I saw that, but it seemed to be preview only.  We're really just messing with Craft right now, so I didn't seem appropriate since we didn't have an actual project to use it on.  But I've got my eye on that once it releases - it seems ideal to a customer that wants to make some of their own forms that might be large and unwieldy to go into the templates.

Thanks a ton for your responses - really appreciate it!
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Berwick Insurance was really helpful in figuring out what plan would work best for us. Juan provided a ton of information about the fine print of all the different insurance plans you view online with different carriers that I normally wouldn't have any idea what I was walking into. Really accessible and was a great experience.
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