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Yo..does any 1 knw wat is google+??

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i agree wth yo broda coz smtimes phns might even cause problems to the unbornd babies n such prblms might be brain damage where the baby mght be abnormal...
Pregnant women beware: you might want to add cellphones to the list of things to stay away from during pregnancy

can some1 help me define what does ths social network deals wth or its lyk facebook coz i cnt even send a txt..

can somebdy folow me at face book my user name is Eriqmoth Laizer...:)):))

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Do you knw how it feels lyk when you love smbdy that dosnt love you??? IT FEELS LYK WAITING FOR A SHEEP AT THE BUS STOP...:)):-:))
Week #10of52weeks2012 - Self Portrait Challenge:
+52 Weeks Challenge 2012 | curated by: +Arthur Chang

I had a lot of fun with my self portrait for the week... to say the least. Trapped by several hot ass lights (nearly burning my shoulders), a scanner, my hair, and allot of patience - this was the outcome of my endevors. ;-)

#52weeks2012 #UnearthedFotografi #366SPR2012 #sooc
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