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Hey everyone! I'm Freshman in high school and am planning on taking a AP computer science course next year. I really want to prepare by learning the fundamentals on computer science and learning Jav as a language. I really appreciate any suggestions you guys have!

anyone have ideas on how to spread popularity of an app?

hey guys im new to the community!
I am a beginner in computer programming.
I know basic concepts of java.... i am looking
to take an AP computer science/programming class
in school next year. i know of some websites like 
codeacademy and codehs, but does anyone have
any really good material (website, textbooks)
that they recommend for me to build a strong 

Thanks a lot!!!

what factors contribute to having a great name for my app? 

anyone have any offers, looking to trade Brand New Dead Stock 2013 release Black Grape Retro 5s

hey guys what features/components of an app make it more expensive to make if I want to get it done from someone else?

Any one here know of any good wholesalers?

Hey guys, anyone here in a shoe business?

anyone here a celtics fan.....

happy bday lebron
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