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Kevyn Knox
I am a Pop Culturist, Photographer & Arteeest, Instagram Hero, and Writer of All Things Kevyn.
I am a Pop Culturist, Photographer & Arteeest, Instagram Hero, and Writer of All Things Kevyn.

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My Thoughts on Last Night's Oscars
If only the election ended in the same manner as last night's Oscars. For those of you not in the know (and if you are not in the know, why are you even reading this post about the Oscars?), at the end of last night's telecast, the wrong film was announced ...

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My Final Oscar Predictions
So here we go kids! Time for my annual attempt at predicting the Academy Awards. My goal this time around, as it is every other time, is to finally break that 20 barrier. For those who do not know, there are 24 categories in which to predict. My record, whi...

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Who Should Win the Goddamn Oscar for Best Picture!!?
The Oscar nominations were announced a few days ago. This means, it's time for the All Things Kevyn Best Picture Oscar Poll. That's right gang! You get to pick your favourite from the nine nominees! Will your vote go the modern day musical La La Land , or m...

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The Oscar Nominations (and My Predix Results)
Well, it was a pretty standard morning in Oscar Nomination Land...otherwise known as La La Land. Granted, the awards were announced in a different manner than normal (with awkward intros in a two-part pre-recorded video montage), but the results were still ...

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So, Here are My Oscar Nomination Predictions...
Hey gang, it's about that time again. The Oscar nominations are being announced in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, so here are my predictions for said nominations. The big winner is expected to be La La Land , with probably at least 12 nominations, and t...

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Here Are Some Things I Believe In, or to Put it in a Slightly More Grammatically Proper Way, Some Things In Which I Believe
So, since today (the Trump Inauguration is happening as I type these words) is a dark day in my nation's history, I thought I would post a rather positive piece for ya'll to read. Well, at least as positive as one can be on this wicked day. So here ya go. H...

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My 10 Favourite TV Shows of 2016
So here we are again. That inevitable end of the year look back at the best, or favourites, if you will, shows of the year. As TV, or what we still archaically call TV,  evolves, so does my annual list. As the best of TV moves away from the networks. and to...

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2016 Emmy Nominations: My Reaction (and Prediction Results)
So, the Emmy Nominations have been announced, and there are a few surprises. Sure, it was mostly who and what were expected, but there were a few surprises. As far as my predictions from yesterday went, I went 47 for 62, or 76% for the more statistically mi...

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2016 Emmy Nomination Predictions
So, the Emmy nominations are scheduled to be announced tomorrow. Therefore, it is about damn time I hand out my predictions for tomorrow's said Emmy nominations. So, without further ado, here are those predictions. Best Drama Series Game of Thrones (HBO) Do...

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The 10 Coolest Peeps Born in 1967, Myself Humbly Excluded
So yeah, I was born in 1967. It was a great time indeed. Anyway, the reason for this post is to highlight some of my fellow 1967 birthees. And there were a bunch of 'em. From Pamela Anderson to Dave Navarro. From Vin Diesel to Mark Ruffalo. From Jimmy Kimme...
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