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When you hang with AS Hanging Systems, you Hang with the Best®
When you hang with AS Hanging Systems, you Hang with the Best®


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How to Hang Unframed Art
(Life Hack Tip #6 in our How To Optimize Hanging Systems series)

It is sometimes thought that unframed art cannot be used with hanging systems. So not accurate. In most cases, flat art is very easily suspended from hanging systems.

In our final installation in this Application Guide series, we’re addressing one frequently asked question: How do I hang unframed art, pictures, or panels? We have a number of solutions.

Learn our solutions:

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Picture Hanging 202

Okay, it's really a Picture Hanging 101 series, but we thought we'd catch your attention ... Just like a crooked picture on the wall does!

Don't let a framed piece of art or lovely photo end up with a less than appealing presentation. That's what tilt does. Right or left, it doesn’t matter. It distracts from the visual.

In post #5 of our "How to Optimize Hanging Systems" series, we’re straightening things up on this topic (see what I did there?) and giving you tips on how to be done with this crooked story once and for all!

Want to read all about it?

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Does a tilted frame leave you feeling off balance?

#artwork #picturehanging #interiordecor
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Does your home decor struggle with Teeter-Totter?

We can help! And we won't leave you hanging all by yourself!

In our 4th post of our "How to Optimize Hanging Systems" series, we're explaining simple solutions for how to eliminate the Teeter-Totter Effect when hanging framed art or pictures.

And it doesn't require any voodoo magic.

*To learn more, visit

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How to Optimize Hanging Systems

In the 3rd post, "How to Optimize Picture Hanging with 2 Cables", of our How to Optimize Hanging Series we're explaining how to prevent the V from cables sliding to the center of your framed art.

Not only does this not present the artwork or framed photograph in a professional display but it creates an unstable application.

A few simple tips and tricks will fix it all.

*To learn more, visit:*

Have you encountered this art hanging faux pas?

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In Support of Hurricane Harvey Victims

We are saddened by the devastation Hurricane Harvey is causing for the people of Texas, the fourth largest city in the United States. Our hearts, special intentions, and prayers go out to all affected by this epic natural disaster.

For those who are fortunate enough to not be afflicted, please consider making a donation to one of the following causes (direct links to donation sites can be reached via our post link below, for your convenience):

- American Red Cross
- YouCaring (This is the Houston Flood Relief Fund organized by JJ Watt)
- Salvation Army National Corp
- HSUS (Humane Society of United States) (For those who wish to send donations in support of the Humane Society Animal Rescue Team working with animals impacted by Hurricane Harvey.)

Or, of course, donations can be made to a any organization of your choosing. We at AS Hanging Display Systems send our heartfelt support to all the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and those working tirelessly to provide aid in all forms.

May we all band together to survive, thrive, and unite.
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How to Secure All Your Art and Photography Wall Hangings

Need to keep a strong grip on your framed art and photography wall displays? We can help you hold onto those items, and keep them safe and sound, with our newest self-gripping hook, Secure Gripper Hook.

With this little bad boy, there’s no worry about those heavy loads. This art hanging hook is rated with the highest weight capacity among all cable hooks from the company.

This little hook is just another great component of how to hang art without nails or wall damage.

*Do we have you hanging on our every word for more info? Check it out here:*

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What do you need to get a grip on?

#art   #interiordesign   #walldecor  

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How to Hang a Poster in 2016

Were you a poster hanger? Did you have posters all over your room as a teen? I did! Remember the damage, to your poster and walls, from the thumbtacks and tape? Still, today, posters are everywhere - movie theaters, corporate centers for announcements, seminars, product presentations, safety programs, in retail as signage, etc - But we've done away with the damage!

Check out Fixate™ Poster Hanger!

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What will you be fixating on? More importantly, what will you be affixing to your walls?

#poster   #signage   #retail  
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Social Media? Let's take a look at this social butterfly...

You may be tempted to dismiss this little clip without really getting to know it, but that would be a mistake. “Why?” you may ask. Because this little clip, known as the Minify™ Clip has a big job to do. While the majority of our other products are primarily focused on playing a physical role in your hanging solutions, the Minify Clip is more of the social butterfly of the group.

With this simple little clip you may attach most any small paper piece directly to any of our cables/cords. One clip can speak volumes. For example:

With this simple little clip you may attach most any small paper piece directly to any of our cables/cords. One clip can speak volumes. For example:

Attach Gallery Cards to a cable in an art gallery. These would generally include the name of the artist, name of the art piece, price of the piece and any other related info, such as the medium.
Display children’s small arts and crafts projects directly from a vertical hanging cable.
Present greeting cards (Holiday, Birthday, Get Well, Baby Shower, etc. cards) from a cable. This is also a handy picture hanger for those holiday photo cards. No more mucking up those family and friend photos (that you may receive only once a year) with tape or pushpins.
Dispense small merchandising or marketing material from a cable, such as 3×5 flyers or common tri-fold pamphlets. This could be at a realtor’s office, dental or other health care provider’s office, tourist bureau, library, chamber, or most any small business where a retail display in present.
Use as a business card holder to dispense business cards at most any business establishment.
Check out the details:

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With so many uses for this little social butterfly, I can’t wait to put it to use! Where will you be more social with the Minify™ Clip?

#artgallery   #marketing   #signage  
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Come Meet Us at AIA Convention 2016

Calling all Architects!! We’re revving up for The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Convention 2016! The AIA Expo will take place in Philadelphia, PA on May 19th-21st.
Be sure to find us in Booth 3900! 

We're doing "touch 'n feel" displays - because everyone likes to play with gadgets, right? Stop by and meet our experts!

For show hours and more details, visit:

What gadgets will draw your attention?

#architecture   #interiordesign  
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Sprint into a Home Makeover in 2016

Are you ready to be done with winter? Need something to perk you up and give you that springtime spirit? We've got your 4 easy DIY steps to making over your home and giving you just the interior lift to set your spring in motion.

*Read more at*

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What home decor tricks and tips to bring springtime life to your home...and you...can you share?

#interiordesign   #homedecor   #springcleaning    
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