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St Patrick's College Campbelltown
The Lord is my Light
The Lord is my Light


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Hear from a Mum about her experience at St Patrick's College Campbelltown

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Hear from a Dad whose daughters attend St Patrick's College Campbelltown.

Have you ever had a detention? 

Well... have you?
If not, keep reading. (or if you have, keep reading too.)

St Pats Girls are being asked to GIVE UP their lunch time to be in Detention... 

In light of Refugee Week this week, DETENTION FOR DETENTION is an initiative run by the St Pats Social Justice Team to advocate for children in Immigration Detention Centres on and off Australia's shores.

insert plea for you to stay with me - keep reading pls.

Currently, there are 138 children in Detention in Australia and 81 children on Nauru - These centres are no place for kids, with reports of high self-harming rates, sicknesses and mental illnesses.

If you feel enraged / intrigued / passionate / heated / stressed or bitter about this, please don't sit and watch the world go by. You need to do something. 

So here's your opportunity. (and formal invite)
Put yourself in Detention for 1 lunchtime, and while you're there, write a letter to child in a Detention Centre, letting them know that YOU care.

WHO: You, your friends, your imaginary friends, everyone
WHAT: Write a letter to a child in detention. Reassure them that there's people like us St Pats girls that really do care.
WHERE: The Top Oval
WHEN: Thursday 25th June (the day before Benedict Day)

Don't miss this girls!

Social Justice Captain

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The Social Justice Team at St Patrick's College Campbelltown launch a support/drive this week. Hand-painted crosses by the aboriginal women of remote Santa Teresa, 85 kms out of Alice Springs, are available for order. All proceeds directly benefit the makers. Cost is $20 plus $2 postage per cross. Order in the Library THIS WEEK (week 9) and Friday June 26 only. DON'T MISS OUT.
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It is with great pleasure that we announce that St Patrick’s was awarded the top two spots in the Quota Student of the Year competition. Portia Ferdinand walked away from the night as the overall winner. Karen De Raya was a close runner up. It must be noted that each of the school’s candidates were extremely talented and judging would have been a difficult feat. We will be proud to engrave Portia’s name on the trophy, who we note also proudly records the achievements of former St Pat’s girls Hannah Lennon-Mather (2011), Cassandra le Good (2010) and Erin Byrnes (2006).
The students stated, "We both can wholeheartedly agree that the competition was an enriching experience. Not enough gratitude can be expressed to Ms Pulham for her undying support. Mrs Lennox and Mr Power who were also in attendance on the night. We also wish to express our deepest gratitude to Quota Campbelltown for giving us this amazing opportunity."
Portia will go on to represent the Campbelltown Quota Club in the regional district finals, against the winners from seven different clubs, including Batemans Bay, Liverpool and Camden.
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On the 1st of June, Ms. Burdekyn's Year 10 class performed excerpts from the Australian play "Fossils" in front of a younger class/audience in the drama studio at St Patrick's College Campbelltown. Featured performers were Lauren, Georgia, Marley, Kendall and Angela. Ms. B explained the class. 'The audience gives them something to respond to. For a performer it is exhilarating to know that every performance you do is different depending on the audiences interpretation of the scene presented to them. It gives the performer the chance to work with the audiences reaction, making every performance unique. Sometimes in drama we also enjoy analysing the audiences reaction to what they see particularly when studying political or street theater.'
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They did it! Jackie Irwin's and Tony Burden's Year 10 Food Technology classes spent weeks preparing for it and their work has paid off. A Friday May 29 Biggest Morning Tea hosted by students for teachers and staff requested a $10 per person donation for Cancer Council. Targeting $1000 to make this year’s event the biggest yet, the final total was $1040 ALL for Cancer Council research. Well done all!
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St Patrick's Campbelltown Debaters Undefeated! 

The Year 9 team (Rachel, Kate and Christina) remain undefeated following six preliminary rounds of the CSDA competition and will progress to the Finals series in a few weeks. Their division had 89 teams and they are one of only three which won all six rounds. (The other two schools are Loreto Normanhurst and Rosebank Five Dock). St Patrick's Campbelltown are also the only team in the entire comp to progress this far three years running. We are hosting the Quarter Finals on June 19. 

The team and I just want to extend our sincere thanks to Mrs. Lennox, Mrs. Ibbett, Mrs. McGillicuddy and Mrs. Renshaw for their support of the debaters. The season was characterised by many new debaters giving it a go and enjoying the teamwork and mental challenges. It is also a record year of participants with twelve teams in total. - Mrs. Pulham
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