World of Warcraft subscriptions continue to fall and my two cents comment:

I still love WoW (my first MMO in 2008) but unsubed few months ago. My biggest problem is that it's not a virtual _World_ anymore but a multiplayer game (5,10,25 players). Do as much "/who 1-85" you want in the open world, it's life-less except the lobbies Stormwind and Ogrimmar. If we are honest WoW should be renamed "Warcraft Online" and be treated in the "Not so massively section". Even the leveling is a single player experience, by design Blizzard punishes you for leveling in group and rewards you in dungeons for playing with people you can't make friends with.

I remember exactly the moment when i began to be hooked on WoW. I started alone my night elf hunter in Tedrassil, was ready to abandon, but near Dolanaar a stranger whispered me for the first time". He asked me if i could help him in the Ban'ethil Den. Surprised i said "ok", followed him and had to _communicate_ with him just to survive in a hostile environment. It was an amazing feeling of adventures and possibilities i never experienced before despite a long gaming past.
Fast forward to Cata: you can now solo the den and everything else. The quest giver give you an NPC to assist you. I would never have understood the potential of virtual worlds and metaverses if i began in Cata. I would never had been socially challenged and met all the great people i did.

I love you _World_ of Warcraft.
I will buy your next expansion, play the single player campaign and happily tank your multiplayer content for a little while but you must understand i can't be faithful to you in a lifeless world. I'll continue to immerse myself in your lore through your novels though. I just long for the lost _World_ and the social fabric it enabled in the past ...

RIP _World_ of Warcraft.
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