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Made a quick video : how to listen to online videos (Youtube, etc) in background with Chrome Beta for Android/iOS.

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[Solved] Just received the tablet kit but trapped in browser sign-in

When i attempt to sign-in it says i need to browser sign-in which works well (with my 2 steps verification) but then i'm trapped in "control, protect and secure your account"  (sign-in Android blue title still on top).

If I "exist browser sign-in" I go back to Android password field which asked me again to browser sign-in and so on. I also made all the checking in "control, protect and secure your account" without effect.

What am i missing ? (I own many android devices and my google account works well) 

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My 2 cents comment about the future in a 100 years :

In a 100 years (and maybe well before) virtual experiences will be experienced as real and “persistent” as reality. This will be both scary and desirable. 
It will be seen as  the accessible “last frontier” (reality constraints stopped our long real-spatial exploration heritage) and will “only” be limited by pure imagination, collective creativity, emergence... 

What I mean is that despite all the real global challenges we face (I'm relatively optimist at a century scale) the future will mainly be marked by the upcoming merge between reality and virtuality because virtual offer many more cases of “possibles” which will fill many “desires”.

When I see those 3 quotes from thinkers who never talked to each others I definitely see a relationship between "real" and "virtual" :

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one" - Albert Einstein (Physicist)

“When lots of us project our fantasies on abstract things realities can be created"  - Edward  Castronova (Economist)

“The real is a particular case of possible” (that I roughly translated from French)  - Célestin Freinet (Pedagogue)
Forget dystopia. A while ago I asked everyone to send me their 100-word vision of a desirable future in 100 years. I said I would pay $100 to the one that I wanted to live in. The results are in and are illustrated on Medium: 

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For those who care about the ‪#‎copyright‬ War and the future of ideas this is Aikido at its purest form, gg sensei Lessig.  

"""Liberation will pay Lessig an undisclosed sum for the damages it caused with the wrongful takedown. The money will go towards supporting the EFF’s work on open access and the label will also “adopt new policies” that respect fair use."""

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For those who like street photography this is the slow-time-freeze power I want! So many questions pops in my head when I look at those 3 videos.
New York,
What is street photography,

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Happy to report that a video game succeeded for the first time to make me cry, like a powerful book or movie can eventually achieve but without their limitations (“Brothers: A tale of two sons”, still 4€ on Steam sales for a short while). 

For me it delivered a new and unique experience that only an interactive medium can achieve. Like TotalBiscuit I really hope it gets noticed as an example of how video games could mature in a new form of art and storytelling. 


In the game you control both brothers and “play”/”progress” together in real-time complementing each others strength and weakness. Near the end it has become a second nature to play “as one”, like a family or friendship. 

When the older brother dies he didn’t just died in the story for me; I felt the loss in my own body as I suddenly had a hand without purpose. That kinesthetic loss is not replicable in a book or movie.

Finally, when I was confronted to save my father I knew I couldn’t swim to reach him (I was grabbing the back of my older brother before to swim). I was stuck until I reached the emotional rage to pretend he was still with me (what would we have done as one?)... and triggered “his” keys which gave "me", the little brother, the courage to face his fear of swimming...

Needless to say I now have this talented swedish studio on my radar (Starbreeze studio).

► WTF Is... - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons ?

#videogames #life

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Beautiful research with potential on helping change education and us  (don’t let you down by the playful title). I only share this video 'cause of my damn empathic and social brain °°...  cf video  :p 
(Damn a new book on my reading list oO)
/SNL (#social #neuroscience love)

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Hello. Is there a way to select TED videos (on by spoken language (the language the talk was given in).

I'm aware of the translation page but it leads to translations in the chosen language,  
I'm asking this because TED content is inspiring and therefore motivating for language learners (especially with the quality of the subtitles and transcripts tools on

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My comment to,

Youtube is designed as an arena style entertainment experience, making 1 billion+ users anonymous emperors. Is it that surprising its comments section is considered the most hateful hub of humanity?

Sorry for that strong intro but I would like to raise awareness again about why the “thumb down” button (below each Youtube video) directly promotes hate and decrease intellectual/original/unconventional User Generated Content on Youtube (I don’t have yet an informed opinion on the new commenting system).

The thumb down has a very strong popular symbolic (only 17 seconds, please watch to understand what I mean after),
Commodus Gives a Thumbs Down

The new commenting system won’t change that hate inducing behavior if the “thumb down” is still done anonymously without the requirement to see the video itself or leaving a comment. The “thumb down” doesn’t belong to the feedback category (that I value a lot) but is of another nature.

Google is aware of this when it changed the “red” color (in the like/dislike bar) to “grey” (a welcomed improvement) but somewhat cleaning the blood doesn’t change the nature of an arena. 
Other video websites had the ethic to not do it or removed it (Dailymotion, Vimeo...) and “-1” or “dislike” is considered unacceptable on main social networks (Facebook, Google+), why not Youtube?

Beyond that “hate culture” what concerns me the most is the consequences for the people who had the courage or wished to create content and conversations beyond “entertainment”. I saw many come and gone, broken as the weak social animals they are. I tried to convinced others interesting people but the “hate” argument always came back. Heck even me I don’t have the courage to put myself in the Youtube arena.

Google will always answer: if you don’t like it don’t use it, no one forces you.

It sounds fair at first.  But without serious competition, and being the first to reach critical mass, Google defines that new and powerful medium that is video literacy. That’s real power with global consequences.
I beg you Google to re-think again your stance on the thumb down button. 

Thanks for everything you’re doing right.
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