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Paranormal Activity
Compare the impact and the
effectiveness of the Paranormal Activity’s film and poster     The purpose
of the poster and the trailer is to advertise but in different methods. They
both try to tell you a narrative and give you hint to what the film is about.

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how does the opening sequence of x-files: squezze
Adam Wilson
How does the opening sequence of X files: Squeeze?
This episode is about a man who murders 4 people every fifty years to have their liver and hibernates until the next fifty years come along. There are two FBI agents Scully and Mulder who try an...

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Sound effects from adam_wilson

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Editing helps to construct a narrative. it cuts out the boring activities into quick burst. An example of editing is the assassination scene in North by North-West between Rodger Thronhill apartment and the United Nations there are 27 scenes in total. Editi...

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Basic Camera Shots
Extreme Close Up: Close Up: Medium Close Up: Medium Shot: Medium long shot: Long Shot:   Extreme Long Shot:  

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Mis-en-scene means everything within a frame. for example, lighting, costumes, facial expressions and composition. It makes a scene a lot better. Like in the first scene of jaws low lighting suggests that something bad will happen, also the couple sitting o...

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Mise-en-scene means everything on the scene eg setting, background, costume etc. an example of mise-en-scene is from jaws. they use the sharks point of view at the start of the film and the classic jaws theme song to raise suspense. Another example from jaw...
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