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Welcome to the G+ page - part of the TechnologyGuide family of consumer technology news, reviews and evaluation websites!
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Here's our review of the MacBook Air (2011)...
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News, reviews and comprehensive evaluations of notebooks computers

NotebookReview is a leading source for news, reviews and comprehensive evaluations on notebooks computers of all types, ranging from low-end netbooks and ultraportable laptops to high-end consumer and business notebook systems.

The editors maintain close contact with all the major notebook vendors to provide timely and reliable information that can be used to informed purchase decisions. The site also covers gaming notebooks; notebook accessories, such as add-on USB cards; external and replacement storage alternatives; shoulder bags and backpacks.

NotebookReview also provides the latest deals and discounts on notebooks and notebook accessories, adding a pricing edge to its hands-on reviews and well-researched information. The site also collaborates with its sister site TabletPCReview to provide thorough coverage on emerging notebook designs and variations.