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Meredith Eisenberg
internet monster tamer, traveller, emerging athlete...
internet monster tamer, traveller, emerging athlete...

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Is your business about to get caught with its pants down – legally speaking? The online world of business can be a legal minefield, what with privacy issues, copyright infringement, social media policy an so on. This week we review Small Business Bodyguard - the amazing new online legal resource that tells it like is!  Check out our full review on the Launch Ladies' Blog, and get yourself covered!

Blogging Circle on Monday - Are you stuck on what to write on your blog? Do you think you could get more done with some company and constructive conversation? Maybe, you'll get more blogging done if you have a place to go and people who are counting on you? 

Each month, we'll have a short presentation on blogging (how to get readers, nailing your audience, search engine optimization, keywords, planning your blog editorial calendar) and then spend time talking and blogging (think of an old time quilting bee...). Don't have a blog yet? That's OK - we'll help you get some ideas to get started. 

Please RSVP and bring food to share if you would like (drinks are provided by Convivium). Event is free and guests are welcome.

The next meeting is this Monday - April 8 at 11:30am at Convivium Coworking 5924 Anaheim Ave NE Ste A
Albuquerque, NM 87113
(505) 221-6107

E-mail to to RSVP

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A little "night before Christmas-esque... but better than Santa in early October...

Good advice and a template from +***** on building a network

[FREE TEMPLATE] 4 Simple Steps to Build Your Network

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via +Rich Levin Is this the same fairy that makes so I work all day but end up with like 2 billed hours to how for it? Yep, she lives at my house too!

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Saw this rainbow this morning (what a great way to start the day!) If you look very closely, you can see that it is actually a double rainbow.

Tech is not just for the under 25 crowd.
Boomer & Silent Generation Technology Use [CHART]

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Want to know how to get started on google+ Here's some great information from +Chris Brogan I especially like the hint about optimizing your employment area.
Are you not seeing a lot of conversation here on Google+? Check out my tips on how to find more people to circle and find some interesting types to connect with. I promise they're here already.

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from +Sarah Hill Looks like we are in for a a "noisy" election season full of ringing cells phones. I think I'll turn off my ringer now and leave it off until after the election... who would vote for this??
Senators introduce legislation to Allow ROBOT Calls to Cell Phones Just In Time for Next Years Presidential Elections!

Senators explain that they are under pressure from banks, including the "Bank of America" ( *Banks are Often US Senators Highest Contributors ) to allow them to robotically Call your cell phone at will, ( And for OTHER Informational Purposes ie. Robo Election Campaigning! )

Will You Ever Vote for a Politician or Re-Elect them for Legislation Like This?

Please stay safe online… there are hidden dangers in location based social media apps - here's how to turn them off.
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