¤ When A Person Laughs 2 Much Even
On Stupid Things,
Be Sure That Person Is Sad Deep

¤ When A Person Sleeps Alot,
Be Sure Dat Person Is Lonely.

¤ When A Person Talks Less,
And If He Talks,
He Talks Fast Then It Means That
Person Keeps Secrets.

¤ When Someone Can't Cry Then That
Person Is Weak.

¤ When Someone Eats In Abnormal
Way Then That Person Is In Tension.

¤ When Someone Cry On Little Things
Then It Means He Is Innocent & Soft

¤ When Someone Gets Angry On Silly
Or Small Things It Means He Is In Love
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Marvelous, I don't know u, but I appreciate ur judgment.
kon kis ko kya saath degaa .............kaise sath degaa .........kis ko sath de gaa.. sub bhagwan per cchoooorrh diya mayne......
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