Empty POCKET and HUNGRY Stomach Teaches a Million Things in Life.
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sometimes we have problems and stress but the truth is, we are still blessed.
ya absolutely true and sad i pray 2 god never gave this situation
ya sure snehall i agree wid u
there is a lesson for those who are living in good circumstances
We Must prey to Allah for there betterment and Give Him Bundle of Thanks for that we have coz its His graciousness and for which we dnt have, it is His The Best Policy to save us from the harms...........

There is an other thing that One should not lose his heart but face the failure manfully One day Good will bless him with succeed.
Shah G
hmm right
ya ur correct ...bt its really sruggling with poverty..more people ...and little children also...
that people ...should have a real helping heart ...
I find myself guilty.............by God Grace I got food for my family. But
I can't got his Grace for dividing this food for them.
no ability, no capacity , who am I ?, only a useless creature upon the
I want to know those who share it in G+ what are their activity
ok ok thank u very much ...ur really great....
yes ...ur owesome ...with ur feelingssss
Dear vanitha I must say at least in a net I got you who has a total idea about those children,s survival. I visit ur site just now.My
computer knowledge is very little, and english also poor.Pls let me know how can I join with ur work? I am a lower middle class
housewife, my power is very low, if I do something from them I will be happy as a human being
If ur feeling is real then join Vanitha pls do something ......
If so then join vanitha, I personaly don't know her, I like her good Gesture.
will u pls explain briefly what is the procedure ? If u do it for me then I can be a part of it. I visited this site but can't
I totally agree with u Josh Kashif... But here also we can leave comments only nothing more than that. Can it be possible to overcome all the unhappiness, poverty, sadness around us from every society of people..??!!!
Vanitha, I did it. Thank you verymuch, God bless u
No, Vanitha... as far as I concern, we people r all needy. May be some people have money, food wealth everything
what ever they want, but they r not happy, as an example Mr. X has everything but he scared for his ill health, Mrs Y
Achieve all desired things, she need a baby.Without this she think herself incomplete.Like them u and me r all needy

So I think with the help of u I did a very little for my desire, not more than that.

U sweet heart, don't take my opinion seriously. Ur gesture is very good.
if u find time then in G+ YESTERDAY I gave a question pls try to give the answer.
Tultul..... You have a great thought regarding Life... and what happens to this... and you are very experienced person. So you learn a lot from life. I appreciate your thinking... Really good. But in case of Vanitha also right. She mentioned she is doing her schooling. But at this age she thinks a lot towards the poor people. At her thinking she is very good... Something is better than nothing....I really thankful to all of you for share your feelings and concern.
No Vanitha... I am in office and i have the limited net connection in my office. so it does not works. After 6 pm I visit the site...
Thanks vanitha...
I visited the site vanitha and answer some of question and own 790gms of grain within my lea sure time.
U too. I didnt know about the site. But I doubt whether it works for those poor kids or simple a game!!! I dont know....
Hi Saswat, I must be appreciate you. Yes, life is teaching me every moment. Thank you for your think full comment.Actually
we need a person like you, but you are a busy man
No no its ok. I am always with u like people. Every man is a busy person, but above that we have to contribute our feelings with others. I like your thinking & prospective. Where r u from Tultul?? I think Kolkata... right???
Yaa, I am from Kolkata.hahaha.......u r intelligent one and u caught my English is very poor ? Then u easily gaze it. Now it's seem to be a great problem ; what to do.......?
Who told your English is poor? I dont think so. We are Indian & proud to be an Indian. As international language we use it otherwise what is the necessary of it. May I know What r u doing, if u dont mind???
hahaha......being an Indian I also proud.But my English......ohh dear...I have no mind to 'mind" I am a house wife.
Hahaha...... Thats ok...mam. Do u have enough time for net surfing? It is good... Is your any child baby??? I again told dont mind I always like to know about family. Soooooo....... being a neighbor of urs I told this....
yaa, have one kid. No way ........I am also busy person like u.......net
surfing is my duty, my identity.Only different is u will get paid for ur work and I have to pay for net connection...........what a similarity between us .......
Hahaha... Good thought... dont u have any interest for doing job.... No no I just want to know your thought...
U might think me a useless fellow...... having a lot of queries....
No way dear, I have much Interest.....about job, but no job loves me , not even like me. So if one reject u what to do ? that's why I
am jobless. Any way r u a owner of any company? Pls Sirji give me one opportunity, I will prove my credential..............
Kyun mazag karte hai mam... Me kya aap ko job de sakta hun. Mu to khud kisike yaha job karta hun.... I am from Odisha.... Postal Dept. me kam karta hun...
Hi dear u r a fortunate one, doing a job in Postal Dept, Govt servant, Look at me only home servant.......kyea mazag hai zindegi ka,, Tumko mila Ashiana, muzko mila only gharana..........
Hahaha..... App achha sayari kar lete hain... Baki raha fortunate & unfortunate ka... Koi vi aj kal sirf roti, Kapda, Makan pe khus nehi rah sakta... Ye aap ko bhali bhanti malum hoga. kyun ki aap home minister jo hai... Main IT, 2006 me pass kar ke vi yahi job kar ta hun... Sab kismat ki khel hai....
Hey, I like u dear, tum ko to jindegine bahat kuch sikhha diya........IT ka digree mil gaya, govt job hai, umar vi hai,,,,,,,by God
grace u will achieve ur Goal any time. Lakin mujhe to God ne roti, kapda or makan deke bola ......indipendent hona mat....
always dependent bonyei roho....... ehi dhook pei rona aati hai..... kya kare apna apna kismat hai.... have to satisfied ....
Yehi to sabse khas bat hai. Apko ye nehi bhulna chahiye app jo avi kar rhi ho ak nei bhabisya ke lie itni time de rhi ho, kya aap job k sath kar pati??? Sayad itni achhi tarhse nehi. To maintain a proper relationship is more important than to built a relationship. Aap se bat karke accha lagta hai... Aap ke hosband kya karte hain??? Fir sawal..!!!
Sirji, he is a govt servent like u. Working in an University. Ap logo ki seba ke liai mere yea zindegi hai .I fully agree with u.
got married or not ? ekbar shadi ka laddu khana then pachtana............ but khana ek hi bar ?
Ha ha hahahaha........ Nehi avitak nehi khayaa.... per lagta hae agle 1/2 saal me khana padega. Aur pachtana ke bare me sochenge lekin khane k bad....:)
Sir kaun sa university me hai?? Ap bura to nehi mante hai,,, me itni sari sawal aapse karta hun....?
hi dear, for sometimes I was offline. How sweet, u r going to marry ? Which type of girl u fond of? do u have any
girl friend (special)...haahhahah, Sirji, University me non teaching stuff vi hota hai........he is in the Jadavpur University
mai job bura manungi tab zarur appko bata dungi, I enjoying ur every word.
Any way if u mind I am not bothered bcoz I have to know abt ur Girl friend, waiting for ur answer......hahaha
Hahaha..... Thank u mam. But before that I have to know something more from you. If u agreed... Then its ok.... About ur study background and thought regarding/against boys......
want my bio data ? U refuse me to give a job.... no way. to know abt ur special frnd I have to submit my bio data ? hahaha.....
laughing can't stop dear....listen I am simply illiterate.........and thoughts very simple I want to know 'who am I ? Why I am here ?
nd Where I have to go after death'?....that's all.
Tultul mam... forgive me if i misconduct u. I didnt know u like people can involve/share ur thoughts in networking site, bcz I am from Odish u know...!!! And as like my thoughts also. So plz mam if some words made by me hurts u plz forgive me.
Hey guy, just cheer up, Why u r so emotional...? for which reason...? Why u want to aplogise ? For me u r such a
nice guy I can't explain...........pls cheer up. U have a very good heart and thinking power. For our help just use it.
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