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Daniel Sandman
My main intrest is Arch Linux and Linux over-all.
My main intrest is Arch Linux and Linux over-all.

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I just realized... I am Google free.

I do not use and Andoid Phone. I use a #Jolla.
I do not use Google search. I use #duckduckgo
I do not use Gmail. I use #Protonmail
I do not use Youtube. I use #BitChute
I do not use Chrome. I use #Firefox and #w3m
I am more active on #Mastodon and not G+ so much any more.
I use #weechat and instead of Hangouts.

This doesn't mean I never go to a Google site.. I can still watch a youtube video and similar. I just don't upload or even log in to them anymore.

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Gotta love to have SSH on the phone... running #madonctl ( #Mastodon command-line client ) from my desktop via #ssh to my phone ( #Jolla ). Ultra portable!

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Join the decentralized social network! Just the last week it have had 200 000 new joins.

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Yep, pretty much nailed it...
I have nothing to add. Pie just nailed it ...AGAIN.
It's funny, but it's not, because this sh1t is actually happening on our watch.

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Bookmarking this project here: basically a spiffy HUD-like (actually a command palette) thingy for GNOME applications, to quell the Unity users who want a HUD on GNOME:

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This looks pretty damn sweet! Maybe something for +Daniel Artfors to check out?
Mastodon—The free software, decentralized Twitter competitor.

As someone over on Mastodon put it: "This feels like the g+ safe haven I've been looking for."

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Today has been kinda messed up after what seems to have been a terrorist attack on my hometown Stockholm ... many also feared the reactions.

But I keep forgetting, this is where it is.

The hashtag openstockholm on twitter and facebook is worth reading on its own. Thousands opening their homes to strangers stuck in Stockholm as the subway is closed after the attack, tourists or just people who can't get across town. Stores opening beyond normal hours to ensure that everyone has somewhere to go, offices, everyone pitching in. There are several organizing impromptu pizzadinners for large groups of people they've never met.

A store has promised that kids can get food and dinners if their parents are stuck in town no matter who those kids are "because terrorists or no terrorists, no kid goes to bed hungry".

A heart filled with love, courage and solidarity has no room for terror.

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Important too... used for instance by Berkeley and their 20 000 lectures that was made "illegal" when they got sued.
open source alternative to youtube... coming soon.

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This is great.. love it..
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