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While I don’t follow sports in general, I have huge respect for athletes. I don’t just mean footballers and wrestlers, etc., I mean gymnasts, ballet dancers, and anyone who puts their physical well-being at risk to be the best athlete that they can be.

What are the main things that I admire? Willingness to endure pain, put in countless hours of their time, both to train and to compete, and a passion to keep improving until they’re at the pinnacle of their field.

How many athletes make it through without debilitating pain and scars? Not many. Unlike most careers, being a top athlete requires that you put not only your heart and soul into what you do; you put your body in as well.

In the Forbes article, The 7 Secret Traits Of Enduring Champions,,  David K. Williams explores the seven strengths that inhabit both great athletes and champion thinkers:
1. They Never Quit.
2. They Possess an Iron Will to Win.
3. They Understand That “What’s in It for Me?” Is a Self-defeating Question.
4. They See the Good in Themselves and Others.
5. They Are Scrappy!
6. They Push Through the Pain Until They Find Their Stride.
7. They Often Leave Their Comfort Zone.
When an athlete’s career ends, for whatever reason, many find that the strengths they have developed by being an athlete are also ideally suited to becoming a leader in the business world. This is because their determination and their ability to endure pain and fight against the competition translate to the same strengths needed in the business world.
Whatever career or field of business we find ourselves in during our time on this planet, we can learn to excel by developing the same mindset and habits that our athletes have learned to employ.
It isn’t easy, but nothing truly worthwhile ever is. The question is: do you have the passion to be the best?
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